Twin pregnancy: 10 tips to better face it

Are you struggling with a twin pregnancy and want to do everything possible to face it safely and serenely? With our advice you can and … congratulations!

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It is the day of the first ultrasound. You remember as if the excitement of the moment was now, you and your partner holding hands waiting to hear your little one’s heart. Then the astonished gaze of the sonographer, his “Excuse me for a moment“, your concern already thinking about the worst scenarios, and then …

“Ma’am, you are having twins!”

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What do you mean – two? You and your partner look at you perplexed, then realize and a little cry of joy escapes you: you will have twins! Happiness and surprise immediately mix with a little anxiety – remember that too, don’t you? On the other hand, it is completely normal in such a situation!

But don’t worry: we are here on purpose, to share with you 10 tips that will help you to face your twin pregnancy serenely. Follow them and you will see that when the babies arrive you will be very ready to welcome them in the best way!

10 tips for a serene twin pregnancy

In the first few weeks, twin pregnancy does not differ much from single pregnancy. The little annoyances you may run into, like morning sickness, are the same. Over time, however, if you wait for two (or more!) Children there are some precautions that you can follow to make waiting easier.

Here are our 10 tips for you:

1. Skin care

During a twin pregnancy, the belly skin tends to harden early – usually as early as the second month. For this reason, we advise you to take care of it immediately by massaging it with a simple and natural almond oil. Making it elastic and hydrated will help prevent the appearance of unsightly stretch marks.

2. Check nutrition

Weight gain during pregnancy is normal: in the case of a twin pregnancy, the right variation is 16-20 kg. Taking more than 20 kg, or getting them too quickly, could lead to dangers for mom and fetuses – such as gestosis, development of diabetes or even premature birth. To avoid an excessive increase, if you wait for twins, it is good that you ensure that you follow a healthy and varied diet, that it gives you the right energy but that you do not indulge your unhealthy cravings too much.

3. Exercise

Staying active helps you to control weight gain, not to have shortness of breath and not to suffer from pain in the joints or back. Sleep quality will also benefit, as will blood circulation and water retention. You don’t need to know what: you just need to take a walk of half an hour a day or a little soft gymnastics.

4. Take a birthing class for twins

With the increase in the incidence of twin pregnancies, it is increasingly common to find dedicated birthing courses. If possible, we recommend following one to learn how to manage all the practical aspects related to the birth of two children – both with regards to childbirth and for the first months together. Alternatively? Ask to twin moms who have already gone through all the stages while taking a normal birthing course.

5. Search for a suitable hospital

In the case of twins, the duration of gestation is usually shorter than usual. Often you are forced to undergo cesarean delivery and to give birth to babies prematurely. While waiting, find out about the hospitals near you and their neonatal intensive care units: we hope you don’t need them, but better be ready for any need.

6. Sleep with a pregnancy pillow to relieve pain

As the baby bump grows – and in a twin pregnancy it grows a lot! – your spine modifies its curvature and is subjected to constant effort for the weight it must carry. It is not for nothing that back pain is one of the main problems of the last quarter. To prevent and relieve it, you can use a pregnancy pillow both while you sleep and to support yourself when sitting.

7. Don’t get too tired

This advice may seem contrary to what we told you, about exercising, but actually it is not so. Of course, you have to be active but also give yourself the right rest: having two children inside you requires a lot of energy and you can often feel tired. To avoid unnecessary risks, indulge your tiredness: relax by reading a good book on the sofa or taking naps.

8. Go through all the checks

During each pregnancy, there are tests and checks to do. If yours is a twin pregnancy, you will feel a little more under observation: it is a delicate condition, which involves some more dangers than when expecting a single child. Contact your gynecologist: he will be able to indicate the visits to which you undergo month by month, to be sure that everything is going well.

9. Prepare your suitcase for childbirth in time

Twin pregnancy has an average duration of 36/37 weeks – therefore slightly shorter than the single one. Often then it happens that the little ones decide to come to light even earlier than expected, in a completely unexpected way. So what we suggest is to prepare the suitcase for childbirth well in advance: in this way, when it is time to go to the hospital, you will be able to do it in peace… however quiet you can be knowing that you are going to see your children for the first time!

10. Organize your house

In addition to the hospital suitcase, it is also useful to prepare the house early. Organizing the spaces, arranging the bedroom and the cradles, preparing the changing table and filling it with the necessary for the change, creating a nursing corner, purchasing prams and carriers … the more you will deal with these aspects during pregnancy, the more you will know that once you get home from the hospital you will already have everything you need.

Of course, carrying on a twin pregnancy and then taking care of two babies will not be a piece of cake, but it will certainly be a beautiful adventure. We are sure that with our advice you will get along very well and, when the time comes, you will be very ready to welcome the new lives that you have carried within you for long and precious months.

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