Pregnancy skincare

Pregnancy is a time when we pay extra care to the huge change occurring in our body’s, why shouldn’t we do the same for our skin too? 

Taking care of yourself will get you through this magical time, without having to worry about those dreaded stretch marks appearing. 

What do you need to care for your skin? Elasticising pregnancy body cream which can be used on your bump, breasts, and whole body, stretch mark prevention cream, cream to prevent sore, cracked nipples... 

Koala skincare range is tailor-made for new mums, both before and after childbirth! And that’s not all, our range also extends to products for caring for your baby's hygiene. 

With natural and organic ingredients.

Daily skincare routine

Using the right pregnancy skincare is vital during pregnancy when your skin is going through such a big change: not only around your bump, but also your breasts, hips, legs... 

Caring for your skin every day will help make you feel good and keep those dreaded stretch marks at bay. 

Prevention is always better than cure, in this case even more so, as once stretch marks appear, they can be tricky to get rid of, in fact, almost impossible! Taking prompt action to protect against them is the wisest choice. 

No need to worry, just ensure you take extra care of your skin to keep it well-nourished, moisturised, and supple: Koala pregnancy body cream has been designed specifically for this! 

When used daily together with almond oil, they are an unbeatable combination in preventing stretch marks during pregnancy! 

Many of Koala's pregnancy creams are dual use: meaning, they are also ideal to use on your baby, to massage their skin, moisturise it, or to help against cradle cap! You'll soon discover that you won't be able to live without them.

The entire Koala Babycare skincare range is made with natural ingredients derived from organic farming, respecting mum's skin, baby's skin, and our planet. 

Discover organic pregnancy creams

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