Imagine holding your baby close to you while you’re out for a walk or doing something that makes you feel good inside. Protected from colic, free to enjoy a peaceful sleep or explore the world through you. This, and much more, is called babywearing. 

Koala Babycare's babywearing sling carriers are designed to give you and your baby everything you need to get your adventure together off to a great start. 

Enter the world of babywearing:

Everyone loves babywearing!

Babywearing offers many benefits to the baby (and to mum and dad too!). 

It recreates the familiar environment to which a baby is accustomed to, having spent nine months nestled snugly inside mum’s belly, basking in her breath and smell. 

This is why a baby is content and falls asleep easily when inside a baby carrier. 

For dads, who have some catching up to do over the first few months in getting to know their little baby, it’s the perfect opportunity to establish a special bond

Babywearing is a great help with colicky babies, as the warmth on their tummy and the upright position can help a lot. 

Babywearing is ideal for those babies who love being held (as well as all the others), as it allows you to indulge their innate desire to be held without having to give up keeping your hands free. 

Don't believe anyone who tells you that holding them means spoiling them! In fact, quite the opposite is true, especially during the early months. 

With Koala babywearing slings, a baby's weight is distributed evenly, meaning there is less strain across your back, shoulders, and legs. Whilst holding your baby in your arms can often trigger pain in your arms and back area. 

Babywearing helps prevent plagiocephaly (commonly known as Flat Head Syndrome), as babies are in a support that does not force them to rest their head on a surface. 

In addition, babywearing carriers aid the correct development of a baby’s hips and are the best tool for discovering and exploring the world around them, protecting against overstimulation, as they stay safely snuggled close to mum and dad. 

Koala Babycare babywearing products are designed to offer families around the world comfort, convenience, and simplicity. The perfect ingredients for the ultimate babywearing experience! 

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