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Pregnancy pillow Koala Hugs Plus
The addition of a removable pad, which provides lower back or neck support, makes Koala Hugs Plus even more multifunctional.
Pregnancy pillow Koala Hugs
Koala Hugs is the multi-functional pregnancy pillow, specifically designed to meet the needs of new mums during pregnancy and throughout the first year of baby’s life.
Silver nipple shields Koala Silver Cups
Nipple shields made of pure silver which, thanks to silver’s antibacterial, healing and disinfectant properties, help prevent and treat sore, cracked nipples.
Organic Sweet Almond Oil
With 100% organic almonds, it is used to prevent stretch marks and for newborn baby massages. Ideal on delicate skin, just like baby’s.
Firming Body Cream
Deeply moisturises and nourishes dry, delicate skin. Ideal for use during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks as its unique formula improves elasticity.
Pillowcase for Koala Hugs
Change the style of your Koala Hugs with our 100% cotton replacement pillowcases. They are available in a variety of colours
Pillowcase for Koala Hugs Plus
Change the style of your Koala Hugs Plus with our 100% cotton replacement pillowcases. They are available in a variety of colours
Koala Silver Lullaby

Pregnancy products

Everything you need to treat and take care of yourself whilst pregnant, from a pregnancy pillow for a peaceful night’s sleep free from pain, to caring for your skin with our organic creams and lotions. 


You have something extremely important and wonderful going on. A new life is growing inside you, and your body is changing to welcome it and provide everything it needs. 


It's a big change which leaves a few marks: nausea, back pain, swollen legs, difficulty sleeping, stretch marks... 


That's why it's important for every mum to look after herself, so that she can take the best possible care of her baby. 


In this collection, you will find our most popular products for pregnant mums, starting with a pregnancy pillow.


Koala Hugs pillow for pregnant women allows you to enjoy a pain-free and peaceful night’s sleep. It helps your spine to maintain its natural alignment and allows for optimal blood flow to the baby. 


The Plus version has an extra lower back and neck support, which you can place behind your back to help prevent you from changing position whilst you sleep and for a greater level of support to your baby bump. 


You can also use the Koala Babycare maternity pillow as a lower back support while sitting or whilst lying in a semi-reclined position. The best pregnancy pillow provides immediate relief from pain and backache. The additional cushion in the Plus version offers lower back and neck support. 


By placing the pillow underneath your legs, you will promote blood circulation and reduce any swelling. 


Koala pregnancy pillow will also be very handy once your baby is born, it will become an excellent nursing pillow, an aid for Tummy Time and for when you are encouraging your baby to crawl. 


Our organic cream and all our 100% natural products from our skincare range are must-haves for every mum-to-be. They are specifically designed to moisturise and nourish the skin in order to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.  


Our Firming Body Cream deeply moisturises even the driest of skins without leaving it greasy. Our Organic Sweet Almond Oil is ideal for preventing stretch marks, we recommend using it on a daily basis! 

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