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Skincare for baby

A complete skincare range for mum and baby. Caring for your skin and the environment, thanks to the pure organic ingredients.

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Skincare for baby

Natural and organic ingredients 

Koala Skincare range includes organic skincare products especially designed for the needs of mums throughout pregnancy and to care for a baby’s delicate skin after childbirth.

They are formulated with 100% natural ingredients, derived from organic farming. Love for our skin and for our planet.

You will find organic Skincare products whatever your need: to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, to nourish dry skin, for nappy change, for bath time and to protect your baby's delicate skin from irritation as a baby moisturising cream.

Organic Elasticising Body Cream can be used at any time as a moisturiser, but it’s particularly popular with mums-to-be as an Organic stretch mark cream given it protects against stretch marks.

Another product with extraordinary anti-stretch mark properties is Sweet Almond Oil for pregnancy, which also offers many other benefits – even for babies. You can use it for baby massages, for example.

Vitamin E oil helps prevent and treat sore cracked nipples, accelerates the healing process of irritation, sunburn, or erythema. It also soothes any areas of redness on a baby’s skin and is ideal for treating cradle cap.

Still with bath time: Organic Baby Bath Body and Hair Wash is the 2-in-1 cleanser (shampoo + body wash) that does not irritate eyes. After bath time, Organic Delicate Face and Baby Body Cream moisturises your infant's skin, leaving it soft, dry, and protected.

And what about nappy change time? Organic Nappy Cleansing Lotion, an ultra-delicate cleansing lotion that has emollient, soothing and softening properties, and Organic Protective Nappy Cream, which protects baby's skin from irritation, nappy rash, and redness.

Skincare products for babies are specially formulated to respect even the youngest of skins.

Among the most commonly used ingredients are: calendula, soothing and emollient; chamomile, which protects delicate skin against redness and irritation; and apricot oil, which nourishes sensitive skin.