Pregnancy seat belt Koala Driving Belt

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Pregnancy seat belt Koala Driving Belt

Pregnancy seat belt Koala Driving Belt

Regular price €39,75
Sale price €39,75 Regular price
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  • So you don’t have to give up driving or your independence
  • To protect both mum and her unborn baby
  • Comfortable with either trousers, skirts, or dresses
  • Universal: compatible with all car seats
  • Easy-to-install
  • Switches swiftly from driver to passenger seat
Money Back Guarantee
Delivery in 3-5 working days
24 month warranty


Why choose it

With Koala Driving Belt, you don't have to give up your independence when travelling around: it offers peace of mind in the car, even when there are two of you. 

It is a pregnancy seat belt adjuster that ensures your belt is positioned correctly across your bump and shoulders to protect both mum and baby.  

Comfortable to use with either trousers, skirts, or dresses, thanks to its two different modes of use; so, you feel at ease and free to be yourself each and every day. 

Easy to install, it’s compatible with all cars and all seats, whether driving when pregnant or as a passenger. 

Materials and washing

Materials: 95% Neoprene 5% Cotton Washing: Hand wash in water with a maximum temperature of 30°. Do not bleach, do not iron, do not wring and do not use a tumble dryer. Dry the product away from direct sunlight.

Warranty and return

Two year warranty and 30 day returns - whatever the reason - with our Money Back Guarantee.

See the product

For peace of mind in the car

Free to keep driving while pregnant

Koala Driving Belt is the seat belt adjuster for pregnancy for those mums who like to maintain their independence while driving or want to travel comfortably in a passenger seat.

It ensures the seat belt is positioned correctly to protect both you and your baby, without causing discomfort to your pregnancy bump.

Because it’s just what you need

Three features that make Koala Driving Belt special

Compatible with all seats

It can be used in all seats, even in cars with the Isofix system, whether you’re driving or just a passenger.

Also comfortable for other passengers

No need to remove it each time another passenger gets into the car: they'll hardly realise it's there!

Maximum comfort guaranteed

Protects both mum and baby in such a natural and comfortable way that you won't notice any difference.

Can be used over your skirt, dress or trousers

Keep your own style, even when driving

With Koala Driving Belt, you’re free to choose your outfit every morning and always feel like yourself. It fits comfortably with either trousers, a skirt, or a dress, thanks to its two different modes of use. Switch from one to the other in less than a second!

Universal: easy to install on all seats

Koala Driving Belt can be used in any car: it can be easily installed on all seats thanks to its Isofix attachments or the special belt. Switching it from one seat to another takes just a moment, although it’s that comfy you can keep it on even when another passenger is using the seat, such as daddy.

Crash test ECE R16

The test which Koala Driving Belt has been subjected to

  • ECE-R16 Tested

    Use of the product does not impair car seat belt performance 

The use of Koala Driving Belt does not impair the performance of your car seat belt in any way 

I Bambini delle Fate

We support families with special needs, like them!

Koala Babycare is an active supporter of ‘I Bambini delle Fate’ association, which promotes inclusion and autonomy projects with the aim of improving the lives of families living with the challenges of autism and other disabilities. 

What do Koala mums and dads think about it?

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Da avere! Comodissimo!

L' ho acquistata nonostante sia al sesto mese e ancora la pancia non sia grandissima, ma la cintura di sicurezza in macchina mi dava fastidio.
Questa è comodissima sia per il lato guidatore, che per lato passeggero sia nel posto avanti che in quelli dietro. Ha sia la cintura che gli attacchi isofix. È semplicissima da mettere in macchina e facilissima da agganciare. La seduta è comoda, nemmeno sembra di averla. Con questo adattatore per cintura, non si avrà più nessun fastidio ed anche in macchina si starà comode. Comodissimo sia se si indossano dei pantaloni, degli shorts, che una gonna. Veramente consigliato!

Ciao Sara,
che bellissima recensione sulla nostra cintura gravidanza Koala Driving Belt!

Ci fa un enorme piacere.
Grazie di cuore,
Koala Babycare

Roberta Monteneri


Ciao Roberta,
grazie infinite!
A presto,
Koala Babycare

Belén Pastor

Estoy muy contenta con la compra, ayuda ajustar mi cinturón de seguridad del coche para evitar hacer daño a mi bebé. Funciona con falda y pantalones. La entrega fue rápida y eficiente. 100% recomendable.

¡Hola Belén!

nos complace saber que estas satisfecha con tu compra :)

¡Hasta pronto!

Koala Babycare

Esattamente come me l'aspettavo!

Ho acquistato la cintura per viaggiare sicure in gravidanza durante la mia seconda gravidanza, ahimè! Quanto mai non l'ho acquistata anche prima! Davvero comodissima e semplicissima da installare e utilizzare! Super consigliata!
Adesso mi sento più sicura e tranquilla in tutti gli spostamenti che devo percorrere in auto.

Ciao Marta,
che piacere leggere la tua recensione sulla nostra cintura gravidanza Koala Driving Belt!
Ci fa un enorme piacere :)
A presto!
Koala Babycare

Indispensable !

S'il y a bien un achat à faire pendant la grossesse c'est celui-ci.
Installation rapide et confortable. Je la conseille à toutes les femmes enceintes !

Chère Audrey,

Merci pour votre commentaire, c'est un immense plaisir de savoir que vous êtes si satisfaite de notre produit !
Nos meilleures salutations,

Koala Babycare

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Frequently asked questions on this product

When can I start using Koala Driving Belt – pregnancy car seat belt adjuster?

We recommend using Koala Driving Belt from when you’re two months pregnant.

Can I install Koala Driving Belt on all car seats?

Our pregnancy car seat belt is extremely versatile and designed for use on all car seats.

In fact, it can easily be installed on the front seats by using the special belt provided around the back rest or on the rear seats, by attaching the two Isofix connectors onto the Isofix system already present on the car.

See our digital user manual for more details on installation.

Has Koala Driving Belt been tested?

It has been crash-tested in accordance with regulation ECE R16, which governs car seat belt safety standards.

The crash test confirmed that the use of our product does not affect car safety belt performance in the event of an accident.

Is Koala Driving Belt approved for use?

There are currently no standard regulatory requirements of such devices, therefore, Koala Driving Belt cannot be defined as type-approved, just as no other pregnancy seat belt adapter can be defined as type-approved.

Nevertheless, in order to guarantee the highest quality and peace of mind, we’ve subjected our product to ECE R16 regulation testing, which is responsible for seat belt safety regulations.

The crash test confirmed that Koala Driving Belt does not affect seat belt function in any way.

Is it comfortable even when wearing a skirt?

Absolutely! It is specifically designed to be used in two different ways, adapting to your look: use the central flap when wearing trousers and the two side flaps when wearing a skirt or dress.

How can I be sure I have installed the seat belt adjuster correctly?

Before using Koala Driving Belt, it must be installed correctly onto the seat by following guidance in the instruction manual, using either the belt provided or Isofix system connectors.

After attaching it to your chosen seat, sit down and fasten the three-points on your

All you have to do is choose either "trouser" or "skirt" mode.

Koala Driving Belt allows you to place the lower part of your seat belt underneath your pregnancy bump, while the upper part passes over one shoulder and diagonally across your chest (between your breasts). This keeps the seat belt away from your bump.

Is the belt made from comfortable fabric? Is it also suitable for use in summer?

Koala Driving Belt has been designed to offer maximum comfort, thanks to the choice and thickness of fabrics used.

Specifically, the material used to make the straps where the seat belt is positioned has been chosen to avoid any rubbing or irritation, especially during the summer when there is more direct contact with your skin.

Where can I find the full instruction manual?

Koala Driving Belt instruction manual can be found on this link.