Nipple creams

One in four women experience nipple fissures (sore, cracked nipples) while breastfeeding. With Koala's healing creams for cracked nipples you can take action to soothe pain and facilitate healing. 

And that's not all, as they are also effective creams for preventing sore cracked nipples: you can use them right away to protect against painful nipples! 

Our advice? Use the nipple cream together with Koala Silver Cups nipple shields. The effect will be even more instant!

What are the remedies for preventing or treating nipple fissures when breastfeeding?

Massage the nipple area with nipple cream several times a day, it has a protective action against skin irritation and soothes any sore, cracked, or chafed skin already present. 

Alleviates pain instantly and activates the healing process with noticeable improvement. 

To increase effectiveness even further, we recommend using the anti-fissure nipple creams in combination with Koala Silver Cups nipple shields. Silver has natural healing, soothing and antibacterial properties! 

Sore, cracked nipples are very common when breastfeeding. What do they depend on? Most of the time they are due to incorrect attachment of the baby at the breast. Therefore it’s important to consult your healthcare professional for help and nursing guidance. In the meantime, breastfeeding nipple creams will help protect you against painful nipples!

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