Silver nipple shields Koala Silver Cups

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Silver nipple shields Koala Silver Cups

Silver nipple shields Koala Silver Cups

Regular price €29,75
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  • For pain-free breastfeeding
  • Heal sore cracked nipples
  • Protect against sore breasts and nipple irritation
  • Anatomical shape and comfortable to wear
  • Invisible underneath clothing
  • Two sizes to fit all breast shapes
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Why choose it

Koala Silver Cups are silver nipple shields that are an essential for breastfeeding: they help prevent sore cracked nipples or cure them if already present.    

Their secret lies in silver, which has extraordinary healing, antibacterial and disinfectant properties.   

Available in two versions (100% sterling silver and Trilaminate silver), they are anatomically shaped, discreet underneath clothing and specially moulded to fit each and every breast shape, thanks to the two different sizes available (Regular and Maxi). 

They can be used as well for future pregnancies, for your wellbeing and that of the environment.

Choose the size to suit you:
Regular: diameter 4,3 cm – depth 0,65 cm
Maxi: diameter 4,4 cm – depth 1,20 cm

Materials and washing

Materials: In 100% sterling silver: pure 999 sterling silver In Trilaminate: two outer layers of pure 925 silver and an inner central copper layer. Nickel Free Dimensions: Regular: diameter 4.3 cm - height 0.65 cm Maxi: diameter 4.4 cm - height 1.20 cm What you’ll receive: - 2 silver nipple cups - A storage bag

Warranty and return

Two year warranty and 30 day returns - whatever the reason - with our Money Back Guarantee.

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Just slip them on

The invisible solution against pain

Koala Silver Cups are nipple shields in silver with extraordinary healing properties, so you don't have to stop breastfeeding your baby because of pain.

Just slip them on, simple as that! Invisible underneath clothing and so comfortable that you won't even notice they are there.

Why you'll love Koala Silver Cups

Three super features of Koala Silver Nipple Cups

The shield between you and your clothes

They protect you from any discomfort caused by fabric rubbing against your nipples, which are more sensitive during maternity.

Suitable for all mums

A cup for every breast! Choose the size that fits you best, from Regular or Maxi, for maximum comfort.

Anatomical and discreet underneath clothing

Invisible under clothes and so comfortable to wear that you won't even know you're wearing them!  

What’s my size?

Koala Silver Cups are available in two different sizes: regular and maxi.

Regular: diameter 4.3 cm - height 0.65 cm
Maxi: diameter 4.4 cm - height 1.20 cm

To choose the best size for you, we recommend measuring the areola area of your breast and the depth of your nipple, using a simple tape measure.

Compare your measurements with those in the picture... you're all set!

To prevent and treat sore cracked nipples and nipple fissures

For not having to give up on breastfeeding due to pain  To prevent and treat sore cracked nipples and nipple fissures

Every woman should feel free to decide whether or not to breastfeed, how long and how to breastfeed. Often, many mums find themselves having to quit due to the appearance of sore, cracked nipples. 

This discomfort is particularly common at the start of a mum’s breastfeeding journey: one in four women suffer from sore cracked nipples or nipple fissures.

Mum’s wellbeing is baby's wellbeing

Koala Silver Cups Certification

  • Medical Device Class 1

    Accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health

  • NICKEL Tested


Made of pure silver, a material free of harmful substances and completely odourless and tasteless.

100% Silver

A single precious layer of 999 pure silver

Resistant Trilaminate

With a central copper layer for maximum resistance 

I Bambini delle Fate

We support families with special needs, like them!

Koala Babycare is an active supporter of ‘I Bambini delle Fate’ association, which promotes inclusion and autonomy projects with the aim of improving the lives of families living with the challenges of autism and other disabilities.

What do Koala mums and dads think about it?

Customer Reviews

Based on 857 reviews
Super pratique !

Les cups sont très pratiques : elles protègent les tétons du frottement des vêtements et l'effet rafraîchissant lorsqu'on les met peut soulager les douleurs. Je recommande vivement !

Bonjour Candice,
Nous vous remercions du temps que vous nous avez consacré, votre avis nous est très précieux !
Très cordialement,

Koala Babycare

Annabeth Walder
Super hilfreich

Meine Brustwarzen haben vom Stillen auch nach drei Monaten noch ständig geschmerzt. Durch die Silberhütchen ist das in kürzester Zeit deutlich besser geworden.

Liebe Annabeth,
vielen Dank für deine Bewertung, wir freuen uns sehr, dass dir die Silver Cups so gut geholfen haben.
Koala Babycare

Sara Pilloni
Koala Silver Cups

Ottimo prodotto! Mai più senza!

Ciao Sara,
grazie infinite!!
Ci fa un enorme piacere leggere la tua recensione.
A presto!
Koala Babycare

Martina Lutero

Silver nipple shields Koala Silver Cups

Sara Simontacchi
Silver nipple shields Koala Silver Cups

Comodi, pratici, facile manutenzione ed efficaci da subito!!

Ciao Sara,
grazie di cuore!
Ci fa molto piacere tu ti stia trovando bene con le nostre Koala Silver Cups :)
Koala Babycare

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Frequently asked questions on this product

When should I start using Koala Silver Cups?

We recommend using Koala Silver Cups from the week before the birth in preparation for those first feeds!

If I wear them under my top will anyone notice?

Absolutely not!
Koala Silver Cups are extremely discreet and very subtle and are made to fit the shape of your breasts. You'll see that no one will ever notice them!

How do I wash Koala Silver Cups?

We recommend washing Koala Silver Cups in bicarbonate of soda, don't use bleach or other similar products as they can cause the silver to blacken!

What are the benefits of Koala Silver Cups?

• For more than a century, silver has been used to treat various skin conditions. In fact, it has been found that in the presence of moisture, it releases substances that have an antibacterial, disinfectant and healing action.

• Their shape adheres perfectly to your breasts, protecting them from rubbing against clothing or external agents.

How do I choose the right size?

Koala Silver Cups are available in two different sizes:

Product dimensions: 43x6,5 mm (LxH)
Areola size: < 43 mm
Bra size: up to 34 (UK)

Product dimensions: 44x12 mm (LxH)
Areola size: > 44 mm
Bra size: from 36 (UK)

Where can I find the full instruction manual?

Koala Silver Cups instruction manual can be found on this link.