Pregnancy support belt Koala Belly Band

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Pregnancy support belt Koala Belly Band

Pregnancy support belt Koala Belly Band

Regular price €29,75
Sale price €29,75 Regular price
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  • Supports your pregnancy bump, making you feel lighter instantly
  • Daily relief without the heaviness
  • Goodbye back pain
  • Adjusts to fit every pregnancy belly
  • Gentle on the skin thanks to soft cotton on the inside
  • Fashionable and stylish to express who you are
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Why choose it

Koala Belly Band pregnancy allows you to tackle those everyday challenges whilst feeling as light as can be. It allows you to move around freely and walk around with ease, without the excess weight from your pregnancy belly.

It supports your baby bump and distributes weight evenly, alleviating back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. 

It adjusts to fit all shapes and sizes and will accompany you up until the end of your pregnancy. It has an extra support band that can be added to the main maternity belt via a simple velcro fastener. 

It can be worn underneath or over your clothing. In addition to caring for your well-being, it also takes care of your everyday look: it’s the only pregnancy belt that mums are proud to show off!

Materials and washing

Materials: Cotton 52%, Nylon 30%, Latex 10%, Polyester 8%. Dimensions: Length 108 cm Height: 15 cm Additional band dimensions: Length 31 cm Height 12 cm You’ll receive: - Koala Pregnancy Belly Band - A supplementary support band for use if needed

Warranty and return

Two year warranty and 30 day returns - whatever the reason - with our Money Back Guarantee.

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Goodbye heavy bump!

To tackle daily challenges feeling lighter

Koala Belly Band maternity belt supports the weight of your baby bump, making you feel light again and easing back pain in pregnancy.

You'll be able to walk effortlessly and more freely, without feeling weighed down by the excess weight from your belly, so you can live each day full of energy once again!

Because it’s just what you need

Three features that make Koala Belly Band so special

Ideal for every pregnancy belly

Adjustable in one easy step, it fits each and every bump perfectly right up until the end of your pregnancy, thanks to its additional support band.

Soft against your skin

The inside of the front of the band is made of soft, breathable cotton, for extra comfort!

Stretchy for the perfect support

An embrace which adapts to your shape as if by magic, thanks to its stretchy fabric: perfect support without making you feel restricted.

Wear it over or under your clothing!

Free to be yourself and go wherever you want with your pregnancy belly band

Invisible underneath clothing, you can wear it whenever you want, without worrying about it being noticed.

If you feel comfortable, you can also wear it over your clothes: it's the only pregnancy band which cares for your style too! 

When to use and when not

How to use Koala Belly Band?

Koala Maternity Band can be used whenever you are on your feet:

when walking, when standing still, when moving around the house... it’ll help you feel lighter!

When shouldn't it be used?

When lying down or when sitting, be that for sleeping, resting or at work. 

I Bambini delle Fate

We support families with special needs, like them!

Koala Babycare is an active supporter of ‘I Bambini delle Fate’ association, which promotes inclusion and autonomy projects with the aim of improving the lives of families living with the challenges of autism and other disabilities. 

What do Koala mums and dads think about it?

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Christina Hiebaum

Sehr angenehme zu tragen

LIebe Christina,
vielen Dank für deine Bewertung!
Koala Babycare


I'm not sure if it works, I haven't tried other brands ever so can't compare it. Some days if I done to much the back is till pains, but I guess is still gives support. Really like the cotton part whats can go on the bare skin, feels comfortable and light to wear it.

Hi Evelina,
many thanks for your review on our Koala Belly Band!
Thank you,
Koala Babycare

Elena Marino

consigliata da un'amica, ho tratto grandi benefici dall'utilizzo della fascia. Il mal di schiena si e' alleviato dal primo giorno. consigliatissima!

Elisa Ridolfi

Koala Belly Band

Encanta con la Marca

Me quede muy contenta con el trato que recebi de la marca, me vino un pedido que estaba con defecto, me mandaran otro perfectamente y me añadirán un chupete de regalo, me quede muy contenta con la rapidez y el trato de como me contestaran a todos los email, ya me gustaba la marca y ahora aún más.
Recomendadisimo, muchas gracias, seguiré confiamos en vuestra marca.

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Frequently asked questions on this product

How to use your pregnancy belly band

Place it around the lower part of your abdomen, at suprapubic level, adjusting it as your bump grows. You should feel comfortable, supported, and unrestricted. It’s vital you’re completely comfortable when using the pregnancy support belt and don’t experience any discomfort whatsoever.

The pregnancy belt should fit evenly around your body, supporting your bump from bottom to top. It can be used over or underneath clothing, but we advise wearing a layer of cotton fabric (e.g., underwear) between your skin and the belly band.

During which month of pregnancy can I start to use my Belly Band?

The pregnancy band can be worn when your bump starts to show and becomes bigger and heavier. This usually happens around the second trimester of pregnancy and certainly during the last 3 months of your pregnancy.

How many hours a day can I use it for?

You should use your bump band throughout the day and never at night or when lying or sitting down. It’s ideal for when you are actively on your feet, walking or whenever you’re standing for longer periods of time without moving your lower limbs.

There’s no specific guideline regarding timing; it depends entirely on each woman's health and level of daily activity. Generally speaking, half a day or whenever a mum-to-be is on her feet. Please remember during pregnancy it’s important to alternate walking with rest (lying down).

How can you ensure that using your belly band does not substitute your abdominal muscles?

When expecting, your abdominal muscles will physiologically stretch in order to make room for your expanding womb. The pregnancy band will help this and support the gradual changes occurring inside your body.

Remember it’s important not to use belly bands or maternity belts postpartum, as in the period immediately after the birth they will act as a replacement for your abdominal muscles, thus, not facilitating the recovery of your pelvic floor muscles.