Pregnancy Pillows

Imagine sleeping well again, being able to relax on the couch feeling comfy again, easing your back pain... no, that’s not just a dream! 

What you need is Koala maternity pillow! 

It will be your number one companion in pregnancy whether you're lying down or sitting up. And that's not all, as it's both a pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow, for maximum comfort when nursing! 

You can also use it for tummy time and to help your baby learn to crawl. 

  • Medical Device Class 1

  • Removable pillowcase

  • Soft padding

  • Multi-functional for pregnancy and beyond

To feel full of energy

A good sleep and easing the strain of your bump on your back work wonders! All this with Koala pregnancy pillow.

How long will you use your Koala pregnancy and nursing pillow for?

Koala maternity pillow accompanies you through the first year of your baby's life. 

A single pillow with multiple uses! 

Starting with the main one, as a pillow for sleeping in pregnancy.  

With its half-moon shape, you can hug it by tucking one end between your bent knees and resting the other end underneath your head, so that it wraps around and supports your bump. 

This position is the best for sleeping during pregnancy as it reduces tension in your lower back and pelvic floor area. That's why you'll find it comfortable and finally get a good night's rest! 

Whether sitting or in a semi-reclined position on your bed or sofa, it offers great lumbar support to alleviate backache. 

Speaking of relief, it's also good for swollen legs and feet: place it underneath your ankles to keep them elevated! 

You can also use it when breastfeeding, to ease the strain on your arms, shoulders and back from your baby’s weight. 

It’s also a precious ally when playing with your baby, for example tummy time! 

Place your baby's torso and arms on the pillow to help them raise their head, and attract their attention with a toy or mirror.

Discover Koala pregnancy pillows

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