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Pregnancy pillow Koala Hugs Plus
The addition of a removable pad, which provides lower back or neck support, makes Koala Hugs Plus even more multifunctional.
Pregnancy pillow Koala Hugs
Koala Hugs is the multi-functional pregnancy pillow, specifically designed to meet the needs of new mums during pregnancy and throughout the first year of baby’s life.
Pillowcase for Koala Hugs
Change the style of your Koala Hugs with our 100% cotton replacement pillowcases. They are available in a variety of colours
Pillowcase for Koala Hugs Plus
Change the style of your Koala Hugs Plus with our 100% cotton replacement pillowcases. They are available in a variety of colours

Pregnancy pillows

The best way to enjoy a good night's sleep and find relief from back pain. The right hug works wonders! 


The role of a pregnancy pillow is to relieve back pain and to improve sleep with a baby bump. 


Often a mum-to-be, no matter how tired she is, struggles to fall asleep or to find a comfortable position which allows her to sleep without waking up throughout the night. 


The best pregnancy pillow allows you to enjoy a pain-free and peaceful night’s sleep. It helps your spine to maintain its natural alignment and allows for optimal blood flow to the baby. 


Simply lie down on your left side with your knees slightly bent, hugging the pillow just like a koala bear would. 


Koala Babycare's maternity pillow adapts easily to all shapes and sizes: perfect for each and every mum and dad, who, once discover just how comfortable it is, won’t ever want to do without one again. 


They can also be used as a lower back support when sitting or lying down, to provide immediate pain relief, and to ease back ache. 


Another common problem which pregnant women often suffer from is swollen legs and feet. Koala pregnancy pillow can help with this too: place it under your legs for immediate relief and to improve circulation. 


Koala Hugs is not just a pillow for pregnant women, it offers many other uses: once your baby is born it will become an excellent nursing pillow, a support for Tummy Time and an aid you can use to encourage your infant to start crawling. 


It is available in two different versions: Koala Hugs and Koala Hugs Plus. The Plus version has an extra removable lower back and neck support, which provides full support for your back and helps sustain the weight of your baby bump while you sleep. 


To ensure you don't move around in your sleep, you can place the extra support pad behind your back.   


When sitting or lying down, you can use the pillow to support your lower back or your neck. Your body will thank you! 


Both versions come with a removable pillowcase in a choice of colours, making it easy to wash. Pillowcases can also be purchased separately, so you can have a change of colour or style whenever you fancy. 

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