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Products for baby

Caring for your baby is easy with the right tools. For you and your family, choose practical solutions designed with love.

Swaddle wrap and breastfeeding cover Koala Soft Touch 120x120


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Products for baby

Only the best for your baby 

Your family is your stepping-stone. They push you to surpass your limits and become someone your partner and children can be proud of. However, you can't do it all by yourself, you need the right tools!

Here you can find useful items that will allow you to take care of your baby so easily you won’t feel as if you’ve done anything at all.

Koala Cuddle Band is a baby carrier that slips on just like a T-shirt and allows you to be hands-free whilst looking after your little one.

Koala Cuddle Wrap Stretchy is a stretchy baby wrap, ideal for babywearing experts who’d like to try their hand experimenting with multiple tying methods.

You’ll find several breastfeeding pillows: multi-functional Koala Hugs which grows with your baby, offering support during tummy time and when they begin to crawl; Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding, which you can carry with you wherever you want...

Koala Perfect Head range of ergonomic plagiocephaly pillows for newborns, designed with doctors and childcare experts to protect a baby's little head from positional plagiocephaly. This ergonomic newborn pillow also helps treat the condition if already present.

Koala Soft Touch baby cotton muslin cloths, a must have for new parents for solving all those little emergencies which arise.

They appear as if by magic just when you need them, they can be used as: bibs, towels, covers, cloths for impromptu nappy changes and whatever else you need.

The 120x120 size is ideal as a baby swaddle blanket: wrap them up in the soft muslin cloth and they’ll feel happy and snug wherever they are.

Within the Koala Skincare range you’ll find organic baby cream for newborns and oils. Formulated with natural ingredients, Koala Baby Skincare is gentle on baby's delicate skin, protecting it against redness and irritation.

There’s a product for your baby’s each and every need: baby bath foam, moisturising baby body cream, nappy cleansing lotion, zinc oxide cream for nappy rash... discover the rest!