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10 perfect Christmas gift ideas for new mums
Tips for parents-to-be
November 24, 2022

10 perfect Christmas gift ideas for new mums

It’s that time of the year once again! Time to think about your Christmas presents!

December’s here, you can't put it off any longer! It's time to find the perfect Christmas gifts for those you love!

What to buy for a new mum? 

Read on, we have 10 special gift ideas, whatever your budget - it'll be impossible not to find the perfect present! 

1) Baby carrier wrap that slips on just like a T-shirt 


At the top of the list for gifts for a pregnant woman is the baby sling carrier Koala Cuddle Band 2. You may be wondering, why? I'll explain straight away! 

  • A baby carrier wrap is a godsend for a new mum, as it means she can always keep her baby calm and close by, whilst being hands-free
  • It’s very easy to put on 
  • It’s made of certified organic cotton and comes in a variety of colours and stylish designs 

That's why Koala Cuddle Band 2 appeals to all mums! 

If you want to purchase other products at the same time, I recommend checking out our Koala Bundles, where you can find different combinations of our favourite products at a super affordable price.  

For example, Super Mum Bundle, which in addition to the baby carrier wrap, includes Koala Soft Touch 30x30 cotton muslin squares, an absolute essential for every new mum, and Elasticising Firming Cream, ideal for preventing stretch marks! 

2) Pregnancy pillow with 8 different uses

Are you looking for christmas gifts for pregnant women, maybe for a pregnant friend? Koala Hugs Plus, the best way to combat back pain in pregnancy

With Koala maternity pillow you can enjoy a good night’s sleep once again (which is not easy with a baby bump). Thanks to the additional cushion pad included, it provides full support for your back, so that you can tackle the day ahead pain-free and full of energy.  

It can also be used when your baby arrives, as it transforms into a nursing pillow and more! 

3) Perfect Head bundle - the ultra-useful baby gift

Perfect Head bundle is a practical and high-quality gift idea for first time mum christmas presents 2022: it includes two Koala Perfect Head pillows and Organic Baby Bath, a gentle hair and body wash for babies. 

The pillows in our Koala Perfect Head range are not just simple baby pillows, but medical devices certified by the Italian Ministry of Health to prevent and treat Flat Head Syndrome in babies, a common condition which affects young infants. 

The classic version has been designed for use in carry cots, cribs, bouncers, and prams, while the Maxi version is perfect for cots and co-sleeping cribs. 

Maximum effectiveness is achieved by combined action, which is why they are usually purchased together. If, however, you prefer just giving one of them as a gift, you can also purchase them separately! 

4) Pregnancy support belt to live each day lightly

Koala Belly Band is a pregnancy belt that supports your baby bump, distributing weight evenly and relieving back pain.  

Why is it one of the most popular ideas for pregnancy christmas gifts? 

  • It provides an instant sense of lightness to expectant mums, who feel weighed down by the heaviness of their bump 
  • It helps mums-to-be feel more comfortable as they walk, even with a bump 
  • It’s fashionable and stylish, which is why it can also be worn over clothing! 

If you prefer a more complete gift, I recommend our Pregnancy Bundle, which, in addition to Koala Belly Band, includes:

5) Breastfeeding essentials

Another very useful gift idea for mum to be christmas gifts is our Breastfeeding Bundle, which includes our top three must-have products for breastfeeding at an affordable price: 

  • Koala Hug Baby, a nursing pillow designed to make feeding time more comfortable for both mum and baby 
  • Koala Silver Cups, miraculous nipple shields for sore cracked nipples 
  • Vitamin E Oil, ideal for speeding up the healing process of sore cracked nipples caused by breastfeeding 

Breastfeeding, especially during those early days, is as magical as it is difficult for a new mum. That's why it is essential to make the experience as comfortable as possible!

6) Koala Hug Baby, the 5-in-1 nursing pillow

Do you know why Koala Hug Baby is one of the most popular christmas gifts for mum to be? Simply because it’ll be of use to you for a long time, not only just when breastfeeding. 

In fact, it takes care of everyone's comfort during a feed, reducing muscle tension in mum's arms, shoulders or neck area (or dad's when bottle-feeding), while your baby can feed in comfort, without sinking into the cushion. 

But that's not all, it's a 5-in-1 newborn essential that accompanies an infant’s development every step of the way: from post-feed relaxation, to tummy time, and to helping babies learn to sit up.  

7) Koala Silver Cups - the invisible solution against sore nipples

She may not have heard of them yet, but she’ll soon be thankful that she has such a thoughtful far-sighted friend! 

Breastfeeding may be a different experience for every new mum, but almost certainly painful for most, at least during those very first few days.  

Koala Silver Cups are silver nipple shields with extraordinary healing properties, so you don't have to give up breastfeeding due to sore cracked nipples or breasts.  

All you have to do is just slip them on, nothing else to it! Invisible underneath clothing, they are so comfortable that you won't even notice they’re there. 

8) Newborn essentials for every new mum

What are the products that no new mum can live without on their newborn essentials list? The ones you find in Koala Babycare's handy The Essentials bundle: 

  • Koala Soft Touch 30x30, cotton muslin cloths that transform swiftly into exactly what you need at any given moment: newborn bibs, baby burp cloths, reusable baby wipes... 
  • Koala Soft Touch 80x80, will become a baby’s inseparable blanket, baby towel, comforter and much more 
  • Organic Almond Oil, ideal for both mum’s skin as well as baby's delicate skin 
  • Organic Baby Wash, a delicate cleanser for baby's hair and body, with 100% natural and organic ingredients 
  • Organic Nappy Cream, protective organic cream for an irritation-free nappy change, with natural ingredients and Zinc Oxide 

9) Koala Skincare range for mum and baby, with natural ingredients

If you're looking for just a small yet original gift, just to say to that new mum in your life that “I’m thinking of you” but without spending too much; then Koala Skincare is just for you! 

The range is composed of a variety of organic and natural products designed for mum and baby: starting with Almond Oil and Elasticising Firming Cream, to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, and continuing with our Baby Bath time products, and then to those nappy bag essentials... 

Discover all the different uses of Koala natural skincare range, perfect for even the most delicate of skins!

10) Koala Soft Touch, for super-resourceful parents!

Let's end on a high note with Koala Soft Touch: super soft cotton baby muslin cloths available in three different sizes. The beautiful pastel colours and adorable designs make them a perfect gift. 

They are an absolute newborn essential for every new parent: whether you need a blanket, a towel, a changing mat cover or a bib, Koala muslin cloths baby magically transform into exactly what you need!