Frequently Asked Questions

Koala Hugs

Both pillows are used for the main purpose, which is to ameliorate the sleep of pregnant mothers. However, for the mothers who want to be sure to have a stronger support, Koala Hugs Plus also has a mini-pillow that, when the mother is sitting, supports the cervical, while, when the mother is lying down, it supports the belly or the back, depending on the position the mother prefers. In any case, it’s an extra cuddle for you ?

For your Koala Hugs, we suggest 6 different types of positions.

For your Koala Hugs Plus, we suggest 8 different types of positions.

The vacuum packed bag guarantees the product stays sanitized and allows Koala Hugs to be comfortably stored in every closet! Moreover, it makes it very easy to bring the pillow with you everywhere you want!

You can safely wash the removable pillowcase in your washing machine at 30°, while the pillow itself can be washed at 60°. The dryer machine should be used at a medium temperature, if this is not possible, the pillow should be taken to the dry-cleaner.