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Koala Silver Cups

Koala Silver Cups

Sold out
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Koala Silver Cups are pure silver nipple shields which help to protect and treat sore cracked nipples, easing pain, thanks to the antibacterial, healing and disinfectant properties of the silver.

They are discreet underneath clothes and are suitable for all mums as they are available in two different sizes (Regular - Maxi). They do not contain nickel.

There are two options to choose from: 100% silver 925 (one single precious layer); or trilaminate silver (two outer layers of silver and one inner layer of copper) offering maximum resistance to impact and bending.

Choose the size to suit you:
Regular: diameter 4.3 cm - depth 0.65 cm
Maxi: diameter 4.4 cm - depth 1.20 cm

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Warranty and shipments

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, which is why we offer a 'Money Back Guarantee’ where you can return your unwanted items within 30 days from purchase. Koala Babycare products come with a two-year warranty. Delivery takes 1-3 working days, depending on the destination area.

Materials and certifications

Koala Silver Cup nipple shields are a medical device which help prevent sore, cracked nipples or help them heal (if already present). Silver has healing, antibacterial and disinfectant properties. They are nickel-free.
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Magic is found in small things

Koala Silver Cups are nipple discs designed to discreetly help mums in the prevention and treatment of sore, cracked nipples. They are an invisible solution to pain: invisible to the eye underneath clothes, and so comfortable that once they’re on, you can hardly feel they are there. They are available in two different sizes to fit all breast shapes.

What is the difference between 100% silver and trilaminate?

Koala Silver Cups are available in two different versions, to meet the needs of every mum.

Precious and sophisticated

The 100% silver cups are made of a single 925 silver plate.

Resistant to impact and bending

The trilaminate shields are made of three layers, two external ones in silver 925 and a central one in copper.

Extraordinary natural properties

Both versions of the nipple shields offer the same healing properties as the silver layer, in both versions, is in direct contact with the skin.

What do Koala mums and dads think about it?

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Italy Italy


Ho comprato le coppette in argento trilaminato, avendo avuto con la mia prima figlia problemi di ragadi e mastite. Non sapevo quanto potessero effettivamente essere efficaci e ne sono rimasta stupita! Avevo già in ospedale qualche segno iniziale di ragadi, mettendo le coppette dopo ogni poppata ho completamente risolto il problema (le ferite apparivano perfettamente cicatrizzate) e le ragadi non si sono più presentate. Provare per credere, su di me hanno funzionato alla perfezione

Simona G.

Un prodotto che consiglio

Ho acquistato queste coppette su consiglio di altre mamme e a seguito della mia esperienza sento di consigliarle. Le ho trovate molto utili all`inizio dell\'allattamento per alleviare dolori e fastidi ma anche per una guarigione più rapida delle ragadi dovute ad un uso scorretto del tiralatte. Dopo tre mesi le utilizzo ancora per dare freschezza e sollievo ai capezzoli. Li uso anche sotto le coppette assorbilatte per evitare che i capezzoli si attacchino ai dischetti provocando dolore. Nota super positiva per l\'assistenza di Koala babycare sempre attenta al cliente. E' un prodotto durevole e riutilizzabile, sicuramente lo riutilizzero


Every mom should have a pair! I wish I knew this before

I struggled a few weeks with breastfeeding and was in desperate need of healing my nipples. I tried every cream and disposable breastpad and nothing worked. Then I found silver ****** caps, didn\'t know they existed. Finally my nipples could heal in between feedings without chaving from the disposable pads or my bra. I think every new mom should have a pair of silver ****** caps in their \'welcome baby\' gift bag! I have used a pair of the silver trilaminate caps for about 14 months with my first baby and will use them again with my second. I can recommend the trilaminate silver version because it is stronger. Sometimes the caps fell on the floor and they scratched a little but I am sure the single layer silver type would have a big dent.

Familie W.

Begeistert, selbst wenn die ersten Zahnchen kommen noch nutzbar :)

Die Silberhutchen kann ich nur sehr empfehlen. Zu Beginn der Stillzeit schmerzten die Brustwarzen unbeschreiblich. Fur mich haben die Silberhutchen ein kuhlende und beruhigenend Wirkung. Die Brustwarzen schmerzen jetzt nicht mehr. Jetzt wo die Kinder Zahnchen bekommen, ist es absolut sinnvoll, kleinere Wunden an der Brust Schutz zu bieten, damit diese heilen konnen...sehr hygienisch

Marie L.

Sehr zu empfehlen!

Nach einer wirklich schlechten Stillerfahrung bei meinem ersten Kind habe ich mir geschworen jetzt alles anders zu machen: Geduld haben, regelma big abpumpen und Brustpflege. Daher kommen bei mir nach dem stillen und pumpen die Silberhutchen sofort auf die Brustwarze. Sie haben einen leicht kuhlenden Effekt und die Wirkung ist erstaunlich. Die Risse die in der einen Brust nach einer Woche entstanden sind waren in 3 Tagen wieder abgeheilt - ohne zu starke Schmerzen beim stillen. Echt top !!!

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Frequently asked questions on this product

We recommend using Koala Silver Cups from the week before the birth in preparation for those first feeds!

Absolutely not! Koala Silver Cups are extremely discreet and very subtle and are made to fit the shape of your breasts. You'll see that no one will ever notice them!

We recommend washing Koala Silver Cups in bicarbonate of soda, don't use bleach or other similar products as they can cause the silver to blacken!