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Baby carrier for baby

Choose the baby carrier that’s right for you. You can be hands-free so you can walk and carry out other activities whilst keeping your baby close by.
Koala Cuddle Band

Pre-tied with ergonomic back support panel and adjustable rings

The original Koala baby carrier wrap that slips on in seconds - just like a T-shirt! 

This is the ideal baby carrier for you if you’re new to babywearing and looking for a product that’s swift and practical to use. 

• Easy-to-use, slips on like a t-shirt
• Say goodbye to back pain, thanks to the ergonomic back support panel
• Adjusts to fit all body shapes and sizes

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Koala Cuddle Band 2

The practicality of Koala Cuddle Band in organic cotton and certified by experts 

The evolution of the original Koala Cuddle Band, with even more added benefits:

• Certified Organic Cotton
• Developed with the Scuola del Portare® (Italian Babywearing Institute)
• New colours and designs

> Discover Koala Cuddle Band 2!

Koala Cuddle Wrap Stretchy

The baby sling that is not pre-tied: free to choose the tying method that suits you best!

This is the baby wrap sling you are looking for if you have experience of babywearing or if you like to experiment with different tying methods!

• Different tying methods, evolving as your baby grows
• Certified Organic Cotton
• Developed with the Scuola del Portare® (Italian Babywearing Institute)

> Discover Koala Cuddle Wrap!

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Baby carrier for baby


Carrying babies in a sling allows mum and dad to maintain their independence: their hands are free to sort out the shopping, dry their hair, help older children with homework, answer an email.

A newborn baby carrier fulfils an infant's strong need for contact, a need which is both natural and vital for their development.

Physical contact with their parents during the first few months helps a baby to feel safe and secure. Baby carriers for newborns won’t spoil them, on the contrary, it lays the foundations for growing up to be an independent adult: it will help make them a calm and self-confident child who’s ready to explore the world around them.

Babywearing is an ancient and traditional practice, used worldwide as it offers so many benefits for both parents and baby, be that on a practical as well as emotional level.

By using a carrier for newborns, a dad can enhance his bond and understanding with the baby, who initially has a profound need for their mum given they are so used to living in symbiosis with her in the womb.

By wearing the newborn carrier, a mum also strengthens her bond with the baby, and both parents learn to understand their infant’s non-verbal cues.

Koala Babycare has designed different types of baby carriers for newborns to meet every parent's needs.

Koala Cuddle Band baby wrap is designed for those who have never done any babywearing before and for those who are looking for a baby sling that’s as easy to put on as a T-shirt!

Koala Cuddle Wrap Stretchy is a stretchy wrap sling for experienced babywearing mums and dads or for those who want to try their hand at different ways of tying.

Koala Cuddle Band 2 is an excellent newborn summer baby carrier wrap: made of 100% organic cotton, light and comfortable on baby's skin, it’s a favourite with those who always like to choose the best quality material.