Pre-tied newborn baby carrier wrap

Slips on in less than a minute, which is why Koala pre-tied baby carrier wraps are so popular!  They combine the ease of a baby carrier with the sense of protection and comfort that being in a wrap offers. 

Ready to use, just slip it on and in a few simple steps your baby is close by you, happy to be snuggled up to mum or dad. Our pre-tied baby slings are just a few of Koala Babycare's newborn baby carriers and wraps! 

Why is the Koala pre-tied baby carrier wrap so comfortable?

Let's start at the beginning. What is a pre-tied stretchy baby wrap and what’s the difference with other baby wraps? 

It’s a pre-tied sling for babies. Therefore it’s not just a single piece of untied fabric like traditional baby wraps, which require more complex tying given you have to start from scratch. 

Koala Cuddle Band and Koala Cuddle Band 2 come ready to use: slip it on over your head, just like you do when you put your t-shirt on, and after a few simple finishing steps you’re ready for your baby. 

Their unique feature is undoubtedly their ease of use, which makes them suitable even for those parents with little or no babywearing experience, or for those looking for a baby carrier which can be put on quickly. 

The difference is that a baby carrier wrap offers baby a higher sense of containment and comfort, as it’s less rigid. 

Koala pre-tied baby carrier wraps are also practical as you can keep them on, ready for when you need them. For example: you can put it on before getting into the car, so when you get out you’re ready to put your baby inside. 

They have an ergonomic back support to distribute weight evenly and not put too much strain on your back.  

Nor on your arms, as they’ll be completely free. A huge bonus for new parents who soon get used to doing everything with one hand. 

Spoiler alert: you’ll soon realise that it’s much easier than carrying your baby all the time! 

The Koala Cuddle Band 2 version is perfect for those who love a practical yet fashionable baby sling, with new colours and designs

The GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric is even softer, ideal for warmer months. 

Are you experienced with babywearing (or are you learning)? The perfect baby wrap for you is Koala Cuddle Stretchy Wrap

It can be used with a variety of tying methods, from the heart-to-heart to hip-carrying positions, and finally in the back position, adapting to your baby as they grow. 

Mums can also wear it during pregnancy, to support their bump and familiarise the baby with support from a wrap. 

Your baby is due in the summer, and you love going for walks on the beach? The all new Watersling is designed to offer lightweight, super-breathable comfort without sacrificing support. Thanks to the mesh fabric it can also get wet, allowing for tons of fun for parent and baby! 

Discover the certification and all the features of Koala baby carriers, and choose the right one for you!

Discover our pre-tied baby carrier wraps

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