Stretchy newborn baby wraps

Do you love the world of babywearing and baby carriers wraps? Choose your Koala stretchy baby carrier wrap: it’s just what you've been looking for! 

You can choose from pre-tied, easy-to-use, or sling type models, to experiment with different ways of babywearing as he or she grows! 

Stretchy newborn baby wrap: why is it so comfortable?

It’s a long piece of jersey cotton fabric, the ideal material for newborns as it’s soft and gentle on their skin. 

This type of babywearing infant carrier is particularly suitable for a newborn baby as it wraps around them in such a way that it reminds the baby of being inside mum’s tum. 

This is why infants feel safe and happy inside a newborn sling and fall asleep easily. 

There are two types of stretchy wrap slings for newborns: traditional and pre-tied. 

A traditional wrap is a long piece of non-structured material, not rigid like baby carriers, the stretchy baby wrap can be tied in a variety of ways. 

This is why it is a favourite with those who love babywearing and those who enjoy experimenting with different tying methods. 

The great advantage of stretchy baby sling wraps is that they adapt well to an infant's needs and help with their transition from womb to world.  

Initially, it will act as a barrier to the unfamiliar stimuli around a baby, which they are used to being protected from when inside mum's belly. That’s why the ideal position for babywearing with newborns is in the heart-to-heart position. 

Gradually, a real journey of exploration and desire to observe the world begins, and we move on to hip babywearing position and then on to the back position. 

The elastic baby wrap can be used as early as the last trimester of pregnancy to embrace your bump! It will help you distribute the weight without putting too much strain on your back or pelvic floor. 

Koala pre-tied slings are also stretchy carrier wraps, but are ready-to-use with heart-to-heart positioning. They are designed for those looking for a quick and easy baby carrier to put on!

Discover our stretchy newborn carrier wraps

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