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Koala Babycare products

The right tools to simplify life for new parents and to make everything possible. Even dreams come true.

Swaddle wrap and breastfeeding cover Koala Soft Touch 120x120


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Find the item you need for you and your baby. A happy parent always has a happy baby!

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The products you have ordered will transform your life with your baby for the better. You will be a super mum!

Koala Babycare products

For dreamy parents 

The list of baby care products you need when a baby arrives can seem rather long. In reality, you just have to choose the right items. That's why you're here!

In Koala Babycare store you’ll find all the mother and baby products you need to simplify your life as a new parent and to make all your wishes come true.

Let's start with products for mums. Whether she’s expecting or has already had her baby, she’ll find both practical and effective solutions to meet her needs.

The multi-functional Koala Hugs pillow: to have a good night’s sleep during pregnancy and to breastfeed your baby in comfort; Koala Belly Band for pregnancy: to relieve back pain and tackle everyday life without bearing the weight of your baby bump; Koala Driving Belt for pregnancy: to keep your independence and for safety whilst driving.

And then there are organic products for mums from the Koala Skincare range to look after skin naturally and to combat typical pregnancy and postpartum blemishes, such as stretch marks.

Koala Silver Cups to experience the precious moment of breastfeeding at its best and to always feel comfortable and pain-free.

What are Koala's products for newborns?

Plagiocephaly pillows from the Koala Perfect Head range to protect against flat head syndrome, very common among newborns.

Organic baby products for nappy change time and bath time, a complete range of baby cleansers and creams which respect and protect young delicate skin.

The range of Koala Soft Touch cotton muslins, a true baby essential which appear as if by magic whenever a little emergency arises.

You can use them as bibs, towels, nappy changing cloths, pram covers, swaddling cloths, and breastfeeding blankets.

It’s hard to say whether Koala Cuddle Band and Koala Cuddle Wrap are more popular with parents or with babies. With free hands and the power to calm your baby in minutes, you’re a true superhero!