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List of essential items for newborn babies 
Tips for parents-to-be
October 18, 2021

List of essential items for newborn babies 

Your baby is on the way! What can you buy so that you can have everything at hand when the time comes?

Mums fall into two categories: those who already have everything they think they might need by the third or fourth month of pregnancy, and those who worry about it closer to their due date. Why one do you belong to?

Ideally, everything should be ready around the seventh to eighth month, so you're all set. Because you never know, your baby might surprise you early...

In both cases, we often get caught up in a frenzy and buy everything haphazardly, so that we end up with things that we don't need, and we don’t have the things we really need!

This is why a List of Essential Items for a New-Born can be a great help!

What do you need to buy for a new-born baby?

Get comfortable, this might seem like a long list! But we'll help you figure out what you really need in the first weeks with your baby.

Especially when it comes to what you'll need in the very first days, so that you are not unprepared when he or she arrives.

1. A mountain of nappies

As soon as you get home, you will need several nappies. Choose soft, hypoallergenic materials that are suitable for a baby's delicate skin.

Get absorbent ones, because a baby's first poo is quite runny.

Despite the title, don't overdo it: just get a couple of packs of nappies before the birth. You can get more later depending on the size of your baby.

2. Nappy change cream

Your baby's skin is very delicate, which is why it is important to get a good nappy change cream.

Try Organic Protective Nappy Cream, which keeps nappy rash at bay thanks to the soothing and emollient properties of natural organic ingredients, together with Zinc Oxide.

3. A gentle cleanser for those very first baths!

In addition to the nappy change cream, it is important to get a bath cleanser that also respects the delicate baby skin.

Just like our Organic Baby Body and Hair Wash, it does not irritate the eyes and is composed of 100% organic ingredients. 

4. Bimbo Body Cream

After bath time, it’s cream time! Moisturising your baby's skin is important, but make sure you use products that do not cause irritation, like our Organic Gentle Face and Body Cream. It leaves skin dry, moisturised and protected from irritation and redness.

5. Changing Table and Bathtub

The changing table and bathtub for your little one are two essential items. Some changing table models also have a built-in tub, otherwise you will have to buy it separately.

There are also fold-away changing tables which are super practical if you're short on space at home.

6. White cotton babygrows and rompers

Don't overdo it with little shoes, dresses, hats... Relatives and friends will give you lots of them! Besides, babies grow very fast, and they will hardly have enough time to wear them anyway.

What you really need are lots of practical baby grows and romper suits to suit the weather at the time.

Babies get very dirty very easily and they may have to be changed up to 3-4 times a day!

Babygrows and romper suits will allow you to have a change of clothes available while the rest is in the wash.

It is best to choose white cotton clothes, because children's laundry is washed at very high temperatures and delicate clothes may get ruined!

7. Breastfeeding cushion

Breastfeeding is a special moment, but it can be quite tiring for the mother, especially in the first few days after the birth.

A nursing pillow, such as Koala Hugs, helps take the baby's weight off your arms, shoulders and back, and you will both be more comfortable!

Resting his delicate little head on his mother's arm, which is not as soft as the pillow, is not the best thing for him either!

8. Nipple shields for breast fissures 

When breastfeeding, there is always the risk of breast fissures, turning a sweet moment into a rather painful one.

Koala Silver Cups help prevent and treat breast fissures. Start using them a few days before the birth as a form of prevention.

These little nipple shields are 100% silver and have extraordinary antiseptic, antibacterial and healing properties.

9. The famous trio 

Long gone are the days when you needed a pram, a pushchair and a car seat ­­­­­­– now you get everything in one!

This is surely the most expensive item you will need to get for your baby, but it will certainly pay off in comfort and practicality.

10. The super-practical baby sling 

For short journeys, you may find the baby carrier more comfortable.

You can also use it at home, so you can keep your baby close to you while you do other things like dry your hair, vacuum or work on your PC.

Babies love being in a sling!

Koala Cuddle Band is ideal also for small, new-born babies. 

11. Pacifier and bottle steriliser

It is a wise precaution for your baby's health to sterilise pacifiers, bottles and any object that comes into contact with your baby's mouth.

You can easily buy a low-cost steam, microwave or cold pacifier, which works with chemicals.

12. The pacifier that sanitises in the microwave

With Koala Kiss, there is no need for a steriliser, it sanitises in the microwave thanks to the protective cap that comes with it.

How? Fill the protective cap with water, place the pacifier inside it until it clicks, and put it in the microwave for around one minute... in this way you can wash the pacifier quickly, anywhere!

If you don't have a microwave, you can sanitise it by immersing it in boiling water for 5 minutes.

Rinse it with cold water before giving it to the baby.

13. Cot

You will need a cot after a few weeks, because little babies feel safer and more protected in a cosy place that resembles the mother's womb.

For this reason, your baby will almost always sleep in the cot, pram or co-sleeping cot at first. 

14. An ergonomic pillow that helps prevent and treat Plagiocephaly

According to the Ministry of Health, to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), the baby should always be in a supine position when lying down.

By staying in the same position for a long time every day, his little head ­– which is still malleable due to his unformed skull bones – is likely to flatten. This syndrome is called Positional Plagiocephaly.

Koala Perfect Head is an ergonomic cushion that helps prevent or treat Plagiocephaly.

It is a good idea to use it right away (under adult supervision) to prevent the development of plagiocephaly.


When a baby comes along you need a lot of things, right?

We have focused on the essentials, especially for the first few weeks when everything is still new to the mother and she is experiencing an overload of stimuli.

Don't worry! Very soon you will figure out on your own what you and your baby need.