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Koala Kiss

Koala Kiss

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Koala Kiss dummy is gentle on your baby's skin and, thanks to ventilation holes, looks after their safety.

The internal wave structure is designed to drain and protect baby's skin from irritation. The small internal openings help prevent the accumulation of saliva, thus, reducing areas of irritation appearing on the baby's face.

The teat is anatomical and made of silicone.

Each dummy comes with a protective cap that can also be used as a steriliser in the microwave.

Koala Kiss is available in two different sizes according to your babies age (0-6mths and 6-18mths) as well as two different colours (blue and pink).

How can you sterilise Koala Kiss swiftly and effortlessly? Fill the protective cap up to the marking with water, insert the dummy until it "clicks", microwave for 60 seconds.

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Materials and certifications

Composition Silicone Washing & Care Sterilise in the microwave using the cap provided or wash thoroughly with neutral soap and rinse with plenty of water. Koala Kiss complies with European Standard EN 1400:2013 +A1:2014 which guarantees safety requirements relating to materials, manufacturing, performance, packaging, and product information.
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