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Koala Silver Cups: the lactation-friendly silver nipple shields!
Feeding your baby
October 18, 2021

Koala Silver Cups: the lactation-friendly silver nipple shields!

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural gestures that binds a mother to her baby from the moment it is born. The benefits of this sweet act are countless, both for the baby and for the mother herself.

However, what few people tell you when you are pregnant is that breastfeeding can also bring with it some discomfort, such as rhagades. If you are caught unprepared, you may be frightened and even stop breastfeeding to relieve the pain. If, on the other hand, you know what to expect and, above all, how to deal with the problem, you will be able to cope much more peacefully.

That’s why we’re here: we want to tell you about Koala Silver Cupstiny silver nipple shields that will prove to be huge allies in your well-being!

What breast rhagades are and how to deal with them

Breast rhagades are small lesions that form on the nipple during the breastfeeding period. They can be slight cracks or real cuts associated with slight bleeding and occur mainly in new mums who are having their first child.

The main cause of the appearance of rhagades, apart from skin sensitivity, is incorrect attachment to the breast by the baby. A fundamental element in the prevention of the problem is therefore the positioning of the baby during feeding, which must lead him to suck on the suction cup nipple, holding not only the tip but also the areola in his/her mouth.

Apart from this, there are many little things to keep in mind to improve the situation – but one of the most effective remedies (and prevention methods!) are silver nipple shields.

The properties of silver nipple shields

Silver nipple shields are simple, slightly shaped discs made from the material, which are placed on the nipple between feeds.

Why silver? Because it has healing, antibacterial, and disinfectant properties – so it will give you immediate pain relief and help breast rhagades heal faster by protecting them from contact with external bacteria.

In practice, this is a modern evolution of an old remedy. For example, our nans in Italy used to place teaspoons made of silver on their nipples when they developed this annoying problem. After all, the healing properties of pure silver have been known since the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans!

There are three main advantages of silver nipple shields over other remedies such as creams or chemical disinfectants:

  1. They do not cause dryness or irritation of the breast skin
  2. They do not leave the nipple moist, which would slow down healing
  3. They do not release either substances that are harmful to the child or a bad taste that would the child would not like

For all these reasons, we have created our Koala Silver Cups, which we are sure will help you get through breastfeeding in the best possible way!

How to use our silver nipple shields?

If you’ve never heard of silver breast cups, you might be wondering how exactly they should be used. You’re in luck, because they really are a very easy item to use.

Our advice is to start using them also as a form of prevention – i.e. a few days before the expected date of birth, simply by inserting them between the nipple and the bra.

After birth, when breastfeeding begins, massage the nipple and areola with a few drops of your milk at the end of each feeding, then leave them to air so that they are not too damp when you cover them. Your milk is not only nourishing for the baby, but also for your own skin: it makes it softer and also helps the healing of rhagades (if they are already present).

All you have to do is place the silver cups on your nipples, making sure they fit snugly. Don’t worry about them shifting – the anatomical shape of the Koala Silver Cups and the presence of the nursing bra will keep them in place.

If you notice that you are losing a lot of milk between feeds, you can insert milk-absorbing cups between the silver nipple shield and your bra – but be careful not to put them in contact with the nipple, otherwise your skin won’t benefit from the benefits of silver.

When it’s time to breastfeed, simply uncover the nipple and you won’t even need to wash it before feeding. Silver doesn’t release nickel or other harmful substances or taste bad – your baby can eat with confidence.

To care for your Koala Silver Cups simply rinse them with lukewarm water and a little neutral soap: the antibacterial properties of silver mean that there is no need for disinfectant. To remove milk residues you can soak them for a few minutes in a glass of water and bicarbonate of soda, remembering to dry them with a soft cloth immediately afterwards.

See? As simple as that…

Why choose Koala Silver Cups 

So, to recap and clarify further, what makes Koala Silver Cups nipple shields so special?

  • They are light, thin and have an anatomical shape that allows a perfect grip on the nipple
  • Despite this, they are discreet: you can wear them outside the house, and nobody will notice
  • They are made from pure silver, which maximises their antibacterial, disinfectant and healing properties
  • They are one of the best methods of preventing and treating breast rhagades: if the lesions and pain have already appeared, you can feel the first benefits within 24-48 hours
  • They do not contain nickel, so there is no problem for your skin on contact or for the baby when you are breastfeeding
  • They do not release any substances that are harmful to the newborn
  • They do not alter the taste of the nipple or milk
  • There is no need to sterilise them between uses
  • It’s an environmentally friendly choice: silver nipple shields are indeed reusable even for subsequent pregnancies (if stored carefully, of course)

Some mums wonder if silver nipple shields have any contraindications. The answer is: no, they really are a safe product for everyone – mothers and babies alike!

We created Koala Silver Cups with the care and commitment you now know, because we want your breastfeeding experience to be the best it can be. We are confident that our silver nipple shields will become trusted friends during this very delicate stage of your life as a mother!