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Silver nipple guards will help you prevent and treat the pain of breast rhagades, thanks to the antibacterial and healing properties that silver releases when in contact with the skin.

Available in silver 925 100% (a single precious and delicate plate) and in trilaminate silver (composed of two layers of silver and an inner copper layer) resistant to shock and bending.
Available in two different sizes (Regular-Maxi), they meet the needs of all new mothers.

When is it recommended to start using Koala Silver Cups?
It is recommended to use Koala Silver Cups starting from the week before delivery, in order to prepare your breasts for the first feedings!

If I wear them under my shirt will anyone notice?
Absolutely not! Koala Silver Cups are very discreet and thin, plus they are made to fit the shape of your breasts. You will see that no one will notice them!

How to wash Koala Silver Cups?
We recommend washing Koala Silver Cups in baking soda, do not use bleach or similar products that can cause the silver to blacken!

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Recommended and guaranteed for 2 years

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Our Koala Silver Cups are certified as a Class A Medical Device.


Koala Silver Cups + Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding without pain

Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful moments of motherhood, but there can often be obstacles and pains that can ruin this experience.
Koala Silver Cups are the perfect allies to combat breast raghades, which often cause pain and the interruption of breastfeeding

Silver Properties

Silver has been used for more than a century in the treatment of skin diseases, in fact, thanks to its healing, antibacterial and disinfectant properties, it will give you immediate relief and help with the rhagades within 24/48 hours!

Prevention and care

To enhance the effectiveness of Koala Silver Cups it is best to start using them 10 days before delivery and continue to use them constantly throughout breastfeeding. In this way you will avoid the advent of irritation and chafing.


Every mom is different and every mom deserves a product that is tailored to her.
That’s why Koala Silver Cups is available in two different sizes, to best fit the body of every mother and always ensure maximum protection. Choose the size that suits you:

Regular: diameter 4,3 cm – depth 0,65 mm

Maxi: diameter 4,4 cm – depth 1,20 cm

Environment friendly

Choosing to use silver cups over disposable ones will not only save you money but you’ll also be doing good for the environment!

What are the differences between trilaminated silver and 100% silver?

Both models, always having silver in contact with the skin, have the exact same healing and disinfecting properties, both are durable and therefore environmentally friendly and both are available in two different sizes.

Trilaminated Silver: the trilaminated silver cup is composed of three states, two external pure 999 silver and one internal copper. This composition makes Koala Silver Cups particularly resistant to shocks and bending, increasing their practicality and durability over time.

100% Silver: the 100% silver cup is composed of a single layer of 925 silver. This composition increases its value and refinement, giving you the possibility to keep with you a precious memory of the moment of breastfeeding. At the same time, being a more precious material, it is also more delicate and therefore less resistant to shocks and bends.

Passion, Research and Sharing.

Koala Babycare is not only about products but also about information, research and constant study.

Our dream is that the experience of mothers with Koala Babycare does not end when the product is delivered, but that they are helped at every stage with the support of a trained and professional team.

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