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How to organise your baby’s changing table unit
Tips for parents-to-be
May 4, 2023

How to organise your baby’s changing table unit

Your nappy changing unit will soon become one of your most frequented places, given the countless number of times you’ll be changing your baby’s nappy, both during the day as well as in the middle of the night. That’s why it’s important to keep it organised so you have everything you need on hand.

Why organise your baby’s nappy change table

Let's start with the basic principle: you’ll only have one hand free, as you’ll be lifting your baby's little legs with your other hand. 

With just one hand free, you’ll need to ensure everything you need is within easy reach, as you won't be able to walk away to get something because you should never leave your baby alone on their changing table. 

The best thing is to keep all the essentials in the top drawer or shelf of your changing table dresser. This will make sure you can reach whatever you need both swiftly and easily. 

What do you need for changing table? 

Wondering what are those nappy changing caddy essentials for your baby changing unit? Here's a list to make life easier for you: 

  • An anti roll changing mat which has raised edges to keep your baby in the centre. This is usually included with your changing unit. 
  • A cotton muslin cloth to cover the changing mat, so that it can be .easily changed when it gets dirty 
  • Nappies. 
  • Towels or muslin squares to use as hand towels. 
  • Intimate baby wipes, a lifesaver when poo explosions strike! 
  • A natural cleansing nappy lotion, to clean your baby's bottom whilst respecting their delicate skin. 
  • Zinc oxide nappy cream to soothe skin irritation. 
  • Nasal aspirator to clear any mucus from their nose. 
  • Almond oil for baby massages
  • Medical care items needed until their umbilical stump falls off. 
  • Bodysuits, socks, and sleepsuits for a full change of clothing. 
  • Round-tip scissors or nail file for cutting their tiny nails. 
  • A soft-bristled hairbrush for their delicate head. 
  • A thermometer for measuring their temperature. 


What you need for your changing table unit: 

What to put in the top drawer of your baby changing dresser unit

The top drawer is the easiest to open, which is why we should put the most useful baby nappy essentials inside, all the things you’ll need every time you change their nappy. 

For ease, we recommend that you put your nappy essentials in a nappy caddy organiser or small basket, this will also help you keep your nappy station tidier. 

What should we keep inside the top drawer or on the top shelf? 

  • A few nappies, for your next change. (You can keep a larger supply in the bottom drawer or shelf). 
  • A few bodysuits, socks, babygros, sleepsuits, so you have them close by when needed 
  • Gentle intimate baby wipes 
  • Muslin cloths or towels 
  • Creams and lotions for protecting and moisturising your baby’s delicate skin 

Nappy time can also be playtime!

For newborn babies everything around them is a game, for the simple reason that exploring the world is such a novelty, full of surprises. 

Even changing their nappy can become a moment for play, and making it fun can also help your baby to feel more at ease with nappy time, and prevent them from becoming fussy and crying. 

How to do it? You’ll need some toys to distract them, such as a rattle, a soft book, or a teething toy. 

Another thing that can help a lot to keep your baby occupied at nappy change time is to decorate the wall close to where their changing table is. They’ll enjoy looking at all the colourful and familiar designs. 

If you fancy trying your hand at painting, you can paint little animals, clouds, teddy bears, rainbows or whatever else you like. You can also buy cute wall stickers or little toys to hang up. 


All that remains is for us, here at Koala Babycare, to wish you good luck on this exciting new adventure you’re about to embark on! 

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