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Organic cosmetics for babies and mothers: pampering for the skin!
Your baby’s health
September 1, 2021

Organic cosmetics for babies and mothers: pampering for the skin!

Every parent wants to protect their baby in every possible way, so why not start with the skin? Choosing organic cosmetic products is a great way to ensure hygiene and gentle protection that is good for your baby and - at the same time - good for the environment we live in.

Vitamin E or sweet almond oil, baby bath products, nappy changing cream: the Koala Skincare organic cosmetics line has thought of everything. All you have to do is discover it and make it part of your daily routine. How? We explain it to you at the end of the article!

All Koala Skincare organic cosmetics

Imagine a beauty line made up of the best organic cosmetic essentials for mothers and children: that's exactly what Koala Skincare is. The ingredients of the detergents, creams and oils are organically grown and handmade in Italy. These cosmetics are respectful of your child's delicate skin, but also of the natural environment in which we live. Are you ready to meet them?

Koala Baby Bubbles bath products

Koala Baby Bubbles is a line of organic cosmetics designed specifically to care for children. Their delicate skin needs gentle cleansers that clean well while respecting the natural physiological balance. Like Organic Baby Body and Hair Wash, the baby bath foam that keeps the skin soft thanks to apricot oil and extracts of witch hazel, chamomile and calendula. Its softness guarantees a tear-free bath, even if it comes into contact with the eyes.

After the bath, there's nothing like a good massage with Organic Gentle Face and Body Cream, the baby body cream with moisturising properties. Shea butter, apricot and olive oil, chamomile and calendula make the skin soft without making it greasy. Perfect before the baby's bedtime!

Koala Baby Bubbles, the most delicate diaper change ever

The changing corner, which we recommend you organise in advance so that it is well stocked when you return home after the birth, cannot be considered complete without a good intimate baby cleanser and nappy changing cream.

That's where our Organic Cleansing Nappy Lotion and Organic Protective Nappy Cream come in: both are ultra-gentle organic baby products with soothing properties. Their vegetable and organic raw materials - such as extra virgin olive and apricot oil, and extracts of camomile, calendula and witch hazel - make them emollient and softening. The organic nappy paste also prevents the risk of allergies and diaper rash thanks to zinc oxide and shea butter. Your baby's well-being is assured!

Organic oils and creams for mums and babies

And for mum? Well, Koala Skincare has thought of her too, with a range of organic body cosmetics that will nourish her skin from the first touch.

Organic sweet almond oil has many wonderful properties: you can use it as an anti-stretch mark oil, massage it on your baby's belly from the beginning of pregnancy (especially if he is a twin), or to prevent redness and dryness. As it is a 100% natural oil, obtained by cold pressing organic almonds from Puglia, it can also be used to massage your newborn baby.

Super concentrated and very delicate, organic vitamin E oil is ideal for soothing and preventing chapped breasts during breastfeeding. Similarly, in the event of baby skin irritations, this vitamin E oil will relieve and calm the redness.

Finally, the Elastifying Body Cream is the ideal organic cosmetic product for the driest skin, which will be well nourished and moisturised from the very first applications. Don't worry about that unpleasant greasy feeling that other creams give you: this one will leave you perfumed and soft but dry, thanks to the presence of shea butter, carrot, iris and fruit oligosaccharides. Because even mothers - or rather, especially mothers - deserve the best for their skin.

Koala Skincare daily cakes with organic products

Taking care of ourselves and our bodies is a form of love that we should practise every day. If you are a mother, however, you know that - especially in the first few months - it is not easy to have the time and energy to do everything. And you may not even know for sure which products to use, as there are so many on the market. The Koala Skincare line is designed just for you: 

  • the cosmetic products are 100% organic and therefore ideal for your child's skin (and yours!);
  • the range available is vast and includes everything you will need during pregnancy and once the baby is born.

Making them part of your daily routine will be natural and will provide precious moments for both of you.

For example, you can create a relaxing pre-bedtime ritual: a warm bath with Bio Bathing Cleanser, a light layer of Bio Changing Paste before putting on the nappy and then a massage with Organic Sweet Almond Oil. Your child will sleep like an angel! 

Once you have fallen asleep, you too can finally treat yourself to a relaxing break to round off the day. Enjoy a warm shower then use the Elasticising Body Cream to nourish your skin, letting its light and relaxing scent envelop you. You too will rest easy.

A perfect daily routine if you are currently pregnant is to massage your tummy and hips with Organic Sweet Almond Oil. The skin will be elasticised and stretch marks - if they appear - will be much less noticeable. You can continue after the birth: it is good that the tissues remain soft even during the subsequent weight loss phase. If you are going to breastfeed, obtain Organic Vitamin E Oil and use a few drops of it around the nipple between feeds: it will help prevent the annoying problem of rhagades.

Pamper your skin and that of your children with all the organic cosmetic products from the Kola Skincare range: you can trust them.

Recommended by Koala mums