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Koala Hugs: the pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow that will surprise you!
Pregnancy and new mum health
October 18, 2021

Koala Hugs: the pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow that will surprise you!

Pregnancy is a magical time, when a whirlwind of emotions swirls around you as your little one grows inside you.

During this time, your body undergoes unique transformations that accompany you on your journey as a mother. You would certainly like to enjoy these nine months as they deserve, with the necessary attention and rest for the next phase, which will require all your energy!

Pregnancy and breastfeeding, not all is sunshine and rainbows

However, we know that as wonderful as every pregnancy is, it also brings its own little problems.

The growth of the baby’s belly, for example, is often accompanied by back pain. Sometimes you don’t know what position to put yourself in to make it go away! Not to mention the fatigue, which increases but is difficult to counteract because you find it hard to rest as much as you would like.

Breastfeeding is no different: it’s a sweet moment of sharing between you and your baby, but the position is not the most comfortable – especially just after birth, or when your baby is a few months old and a bit heavier.

To help you cope with these times, but also to accompany your baby once he or she is born, we have designed Koala Hugs, a multifunctional pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow that will surprise you!

How can our Koala Hugs pregnancy pillow help you?

Our pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow – or rather, our pillows: Koala Hugs and Koala Hugs + – has been created precisely to solve all those problems that could spoil your experience in these delicate phases.

We’ve tried to pack as many features as possible into one article… so you can erase all your worries in one go!

1. Koala Hugs as a sleeping pillow during pregnancy

First of all, we thought about the well-deserved (and essential) rest of a mother-to-be. As tired as you may be, we know that sometimes it is difficult to get to sleep or find a comfortable position to sleep without interruption.

Our Koala Hugs is designed first and foremost to be a perfect pregnancy sleeping pillow. Simply lie on your left side, with your legs slightly bent, hugging the pillow just like a koala would. This will keep your spine in its natural position and allow proper blood flow into your tummy.

To make sure you don’t shift in your sleep, you can use the support (found in the Koala Hugs + pillow) by placing it behind your back. This way you will avoid sleeping on your back – with all the back pain problems this can cause.

If you prefer to sleep on your right side (we know, everyone has their favourite side!) then we suggest you use the Koala Hugs + support to support your belly. By doing so, your liver will not be crushed, and you will solve the problem that is usually not recommended to sleep on this side.

2. Koala Hugs against swelling and back pain in pregnancy

The baby bump is wonderful, but when it grows… it weighs! And the back pain gets worse and worse as a result.

Our multifunctional pregnancy pillow helps you with this too: you can use it to “hug” yourself while you rest while sitting – and, if you choose Koala Hugs +, you can use the support as a neck support as well. Your spine will thank you!

How many pregnant women suffer from swollen legs in the final weeks of pregnancy? If you are one of them, simply lie down comfortably with Koala Hugs under your feet. This will lift your legs, improve circulation and with it, the swelling.

3. Koala Hugs as nursing pillow

As you may have guessed, we don’t like to leave you alone at any stage of your motherhood journey. Breastfeeding is a delicate and meaningful time and we want you to get through it as well as possible.

Wrap Koala Hugs around your waist and place your baby on it while you breastfeed. This way, you won’t have to strain to support his weight and can concentrate on cuddling.

Using a nursing pillow is also good for the baby: his/her little head will rest on a soft and cosy surface, which will help prevent plagiocephaly.

4. Koala Hugs for Tummy Time 

Once your baby is four months old, you can use Koala Hugs for Tummy Time; this is basically playtime whilst they lie on their stomachs (prone position) which promotes correct motor development and helps prevent against Positional Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

5. Koala Hugs to encourage crawling

abies usually begin to crawl at nine or ten months old. We can help our baby learn to crawl by resting their arms and chest on Koala Hugs to strengthen their back and arm muscles.

There are other pregnancy and breastfeeding pillows: what’s so special about Koala Hugs?

We know that you can find plenty of other pregnancy and nursing pillows on the market, but we are also convinced that Koala Hugs and Koala Hugs + are unique.

Why? The reasons are as simple as they are fundamental:

  1. Choosing a multi-purpose product allows you to save money: by buying Koala Hugs you get a pregnancy pillow, a nursing pillow, a cot reducer or bumper and a bouncer for your newborn… all in one!
  2. Koala Hugs is larger than classic nursing pillows, which means that when used as a sleeping pillow during pregnancy, it will fit any body size.
  3. Koala Hugs + has something more than the usual pregnancy and breastfeeding pillows: its small support, which allows some additional functions compared to the basic version. When you use it as a pillow for sleeping during pregnancy, it will help you to maintain the correct sleeping position or to support the baby bump if you are used to sleeping on your right side. If you’re using the Koala Hugs + to help with back pain, the small support provides cervical support to help stretch your spine.

We have put all our efforts into the Koala Hugs and Koala Hugs + pregnancy and nursing pillows to ensure that we create a tool that will accompany you through all aspects of this new phase of your life. Not only do we want to support you through the 9 months of pregnancy, but we also want to be there for you when your baby is born.

Let Koala Hugs hug you!

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