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Koala Belly Band - pregnancy support belt: what the experts think 
Pregnancy and new mum health
September 20, 2022

Koala Belly Band - pregnancy support belt: what the experts think 

Pregnancy belt: when to use one? What benefits does it offer? Are there any counter-indications? If you're looking for an expert’s opinion, you've come to the right place: in this article we discuss all these questions with Ambra Garretto, Gynaecologist, and Chiara Folcini, Midwife, and pelvic trainer.  

What are the benefits of wearing a maternity support belt? 

Throughout pregnancy a woman undergoes a slow yet progressive change to her centre of gravity due to an increase in the size of her uterus. 

This may result in:  

  • lumbosacral (lower back) pain  
  • sciatica  
  • pubalgia (pelvic pain during pregnancy) 
  • frequent urination due to pressure on the bladder 
  • difficult walking due to heaviness from your pregnancy bump.  

A maternity belt is suitable for any of these conditions as it redistributes weight across the hips, back, and pelvic floor evenly.  

It even offers benefit to pregnant women who aren’t experiencing any of the above, as it lightens the weight of your bump, making you feel more comfortable and at ease 

What are the specific benefits of Koala Belly Band? 

  • The pregnancy belly band distributes weight across the hips, back, and pelvic floor areas evenly.
  • Offers an immediate sense of lightness to mums-to-be, compared to the weight of the baby bump on her pelvis or lower back.  
  • Corrects posture
  • Lifts the bump up, providing a sense of support as a result.
  • Elevates the bump without compressing
  • Embraces the unborn baby from the outside, offering a warm touch which also prepares them for babywearing
  • Emotionally, it provides a sense of security and support
  • Facilitates daily activities for a mum-to-be, making it easier to walk around 

Pregnancy support band: when to use one? 

You can use Koala Belly Band pregnancy for any daily activity you carry out while on your feet: walking, cooking, getting ready to go out, etc… 

You may be wondering, how many hours per day can I use one for?  

There are no specific indications regarding time limits. How long you wear a bump band for depends entirely on the amount of daily activity performed and the pregnant woman’s overall health. In general, half a day or when up and about on your feet is considered about right.   

Use your pregnancy band during the day only and never at night, when lying or sitting down. In fact, it’s excellent for walking or when standing in an upright position for long periods of time without moving your lower limbs.   

Remember that it’s important that pregnant women alternate between walking and lying down throughout the day.  

Bump belt - yes or no? Here’s the point of view of our experts 

Gynaecologist, obstetrician, osteopath: there are several healthcare professionals who can advise you on the use of a pregnancy bump support if you’re experiencing one or more of the discomforts listed in the first paragraph (struggling to walk, back pain in pregnancy, etc.). 

Generally, your first port of call is your gynaecologist, who collaborates with pelvic floor specialists such as midwives, physiotherapists or trained nurses, and osteopaths who specialize in the healthcare of pregnant women. 

However, remember that mobilisation, stretching and physical activity (where not contraindicated) should be your initial approach to tackling these pregnancy-related conditions (lower back pain pregnancy, sciatica pregnancy, pgp pregnancy). 

When is using a pregnancy belly belt not advised?  

Those who suffer from specific health conditions or disorders may wonder if they are able to use a belly band during pregnancy.  

Using a pregnancy support belt has no contraindications in itself unless positioned incorrectly, which may cause inward pressure and consequently result in pressure on the pelvic floor muscles.  

Remember that using a belly band is not recommended when in a sitting or lying position or when sleeping at night. 

Our advice is to always consult your Doctor or midwife, who will be able to clarify any questions and provide specific guidance on what’s best for you.

Can I use a belly band after childbirth? 

Throughout pregnancy, abdominal muscles relax to make room for your growing womb. A maternity band helps to support the gradual change occurring in a woman's body.   

However, it is important not to use a belly band or maternity belt immediately after childbirth, as it would replace the role of a woman’s abdominal muscles, thus, inhibiting recovery of pelvic floor muscles.    

Are there specific exercises I can do for my abdominal muscles?   

It’s vital to do physical activity which incorporates the whole body during pregnancy, especially stretching, and not specific strengthening abdominal exercises. 

Does using a pregnancy bump band provide a sense of emotional containment to an unborn baby?  

It embraces the baby from the outside, a warm snug touch which they can perceive from inside, preparing them for babywearing. It can also provide mums-to-be with a sense of security and support, including emotional support, in carrying out their daily tasks. 

Are there any counter-indications or drawbacks to wearing a maternity support belt?  

Some women may not feel comfortable using a pregnancy band, and have a reaction to the fabric. For maximum comfort, we always recommend wearing a garment between your bare skin and the band itself. 

Koala Belly Band has a soft cotton interior, making it soft-to-touch without causing any irritation to the delicate skin around your bump. 

Koala Belly Band - why does it stand out from the others? 

Koala Pregnancy Band is a revolutionary belly band which helps mums-to-be in a practical way, improving quality of life as they carry out their daily routine. The bump band is suitable for use during pregnancy, generally from the second trimester onwards or even earlier if needed.  

It redistributes weight evenly across the hips, back, and pelvic floor areas. 

It’s super easy to put on: it wraps around your belly in one single step and offers a perfect fit whatever your body type. 

It adjusts to fit your growing belly perfectly, month after month. 

Koala Belly Band is the only pregnancy band which cares about your style too: 

  • Available in different colours: white, black, pink with a pretty pattern, and also in two super trendy designs. 
  • Invisible underneath clothing 
  • So stylish, you can also flaunt it! 


Ambra Garretto, Dr in Gynaecology, and Chiara Folcini - Midwife and Pelvic Trainer 

As both healthcare professionals and women, they follow a mum’s complete journey, covering all angles, from pregnancy through to post-natal, with clinic visits, consultations, and courses. IG: @ambragarretto - @chiara.folcini 

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