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How to wrap a baby sling, 4 different tying methods
Raising a child
February 23, 2023

How to wrap a baby sling, 4 different tying methods

Whether you have a Koala Cuddle Wrap or another stretchy baby sling wrap, this article will help you learn 4 different carrying positions for your newborn wrap, depending on the age of your baby. You'll find clear guidance on how to tie your baby sling wrap using various tying methods, complete with step-by-step video tutorials that you can watch over again whenever you need to!

What’s a stretchy newborn wrap?  

The benefits babywearing offers to both mum and baby are indeed many. To name just a few: 

  • It strengthens the bond between baby and parent. 
  • It reassures baby and lays the foundations for independence. 
  • Parents can go hands-free. 

There are, however, different types of babywearing slings available, from structured to pre-tied baby wraps, from mei tai to baby carriers...  

What special features do stretchy wraps offer? 

A stretchy baby sling is a long rectangle of stretchy fabric, generally made of cotton or jersey cotton and soft on a baby’s delicate skin. 

This type of babywearing carrier wrap is particularly suited to newborn babies as it offers the best support and wraps snuggly around them, reminding them of being inside mummy’s womb.  

Koala Cuddle Wrap is suitable for use from birth up to about a weight of 10 kg. 

Baby sling wrap how to tie

As it comes completely un-tied, i.e., no pre-tied fasteners, knots or firm structure like baby carriers, the stretchy newborn wrap can be worn using different tying methods. 

This is why it is a top favourite with those who love babywearing and like to experiment with different ways of using it, depending on baby's age and their developmental stage. 

Starting with the heart-to-heart position, perfect for newborns, and then moving to hip and back carrying positions, as your baby's curiosity about the world around them grows. 

Let's see how you can tie your baby wrap in the most practical and comfortable way!

Triple Support

This is a very practical and quick way to tie your infant wrap and can be left in without having to untie it completely, so you can slip it on in just a few steps whenever needed. Watch the video tutorial and discover how to tie your stretchy baby wrap using the triple support method!


Double Hammock

This tying method is perfect for supporting newborn babies as it respects their physiology and makes them feel just as safe and snug as when they were in the womb. Dear mums and dads, this is the first one to try!

Hip Carry Position

Hip carrying with a stretchy wrap is ideal for when your baby has learnt to hold up their little head.  

They have already started to explore the world and look at everything with such curious eyes, which is why this babywearing position is more attractive for them than the simple heart-to-heart position, given they can observe what is going on around them. 

Bump Hug 

Did you know that babywearing can even start when your baby is still inside your tummy? 

Tying your wrap over your bump offers excellent support and distributes weight evenly across your back area. 

In addition, your unborn baby begins to become familiar with a sense of containment. 

Why Koala Cuddle Wrap is just what you need  

Do you already have babywearing experience or are you a practical, hands-on person who would like to try your hand at different tying methods? A stretchy wrap like Koala Cuddle Wrap Stretchy is just what you're looking for! 

Ideal for supporting babies from birth, it evolves with your baby as they grow thanks to the different ways you can wear it. 

As we’ve seen, it can also be used during the third trimester of pregnancy to support your bump and distribute weight evenly across your back area. 

Here are the unique features that make it so special: 

  • Made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, it’s soft and light, ideal for a newborn’s delicate skin. 
  • Supports babies in the best possible way and fits all mums and dads perfectly. 
  • Made in collaboration with the Scuola del Portare®,it’s ergonomic and respects a newborn’s natural physiology. 

All that’s left is for us to wish you happy babywearing! 

Recommended by Koala mums