Ergonomic Baby Carrier Koala Cuddle Band

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Ergonomic Baby Carrier Koala Cuddle Band

Ergonomic Baby Carrier Koala Cuddle Band

Regular price €51,75
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  • Easy-to-use: slips on like a T-shirt
  • Hands-free to do whatever you want
  • Perfect for settling your baby and soothing them to sleep
  • Ergonomic Back Support: helps prevent back strain
  • Adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes
  • Suitable from birth up to 9kg
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Why choose it

Koala Cuddle Band is a baby carrier that slips on as easily as a T-shirt. In just a few simple steps, your baby will be happy and safe. You’ll be hands-free and, at the same time, be snuggled up closely to your baby.

Babies need physical contact, which is why they calm and settle inside a baby wrap in just a few minutes.

The ergonomic back support prevents back pain by distributing the baby's weight evenly.

It suits all shapes and sizes, thanks to its easily adjustable side rings.

Koala Cuddle Band sling for babies also helps promote correct motor development of a baby’s hips and back.

Suitable for use from birth (for babies weighing over 2.2kg)!

Materials and washing

Materials: Band: 65% Polyester - 30% Cotton - 5% Spandex Back support: 100% Polyester Dimensions: One size fits all - Baby carrier: 142 x 40 cm - Support band: 260 x 30 cm Washing: Koala Cuddle Band can be machine washed at 30°. It can be placed in the tumble dryer on a delicate low temperature program cycle. What you’ll receive: - Baby carrier - Support band - Storage bag

Warranty and return

Two year warranty and 30 day returns - whatever the reason - with our Money Back Guarantee.

See the product

Be hands-free in just a few simple steps

The original: slips on just like a T-shirt

Koala Cuddle Band is the simplest ergonomic baby carrier to use and adapts easily to fit everyone.

It’s an adjustable, pre-tied baby wrap which allows you to carry your baby around safely in just a few simple steps. You’ll be hands-free to do whatever you want!

Because it’s just what you need

The features which make Koala Cuddle Band the mostlovedsling for babies

Perfect for all body shapes

Adapts to fit all sizes in one simple step - adjust the rings in an instant.

Ergonomic, breathable back support

Say goodbye to back ache, with its ergonomic back support you’ll hardly notice the weight of your baby.

Soft and comfortable fabric

The material retains its softness wash after wash, meaning you can enjoy the convenience of machine-washing it.

Safe and snug close by, just like when inside your tum

Babies love being in a baby carrier, it soothes them and they fall asleep

Why do babies in slings stop crying and fall asleep in record time? Close to mum and dad, they feel safe and secure. 

Nurturing a baby’s need for physical contact is important as it will help infants grow to be independent and confident.

Comparison of the two baby sling carriers

What’s the difference between Koala Cuddle Band and Koala Cuddle Band 2?

Koala Cuddle Band 2 is the new version of our original and popular Koala Cuddle Band. How has it been improved?   

The fabric is 97% organic cotton and it comes in a variety of new colours and designs.  

It’s been tested and approved by Scuola del Portare®, the top Italian babywearing organisation.  

It can be used for babies weighing up to 15 kg (compared with the 9kg weight limit of Koala Cuddle Band). 

Discover Koala Cuddle Band 2

Koala Cuddle Band Certification

  • IHDI

    Maintains correct positioning of a baby’s hips and promotes regular development