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The pillow in German BASF memory foam with breathable and anti-suffocation holes gives a perfect support to the head of the baby, evenly distributing the pressure on the skull, it helps prevent and cure plagiocephaly.
Ideal for newborns from 0 to 36 months. It has been designed specifically for the crib. Its dimensions prevent the slide of the head out of the pillow during sleep time.

What do you need Koala Perfect Head for?
Koala Perfect Head has been conceived to prevent and cure plagiocephaly, also known as the flat head syndrome. It’s a more and more common syndrome among children. It happens, in fact, that in order to avoid SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), pediatricians rightly advise parents to lay down the baby on the back, when using all the various supports. By doing so it often happens that the side of the head that the baby prefers to sleep on, tends to flatten. Koala Perfect Head has been designed to prevent this.

How can Koala Perfect Head prevent and cure plagiocephaly?
Koala Perfect Head is able to prevent and cure the flat head syndrome thanks to its structure and materials that we have meticulously chosen.
Our pillows are made of 100% German BASF memory foam, the best on the market!
This material allows to distribute evenly the weight of the head, avoiding flattening and pressure on one side only, which are the main causes of plagiocephaly.

Can I use it even if my baby does not have a flat head?
Of course! A lot of mums prefer to prevent rather than eventually have to cure it in the future, therefore they choose to purchase the pillow before the birth, to have it at hand as soon as the baby is born.
The memory foam will allow the head to develop correctly, neutralizing any possible pressure on one side or the other, and allowing a correct distribution of the pressure on the whole pillow.

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Listen to Claudia’s experience

Claudia didn’t know about Positional Plagiocephaly before her baby Giulio was affected by it. Listen to her experience and find out how our Koala Perfect Head pillows helped her!

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Recommended and guaranteed for 2 years

Marchi Sanitari - Koala Babycare

Our Koala Perfect Head pillows are certified as a Class A Medical Device. Guarantee your baby the best protection and safety!

Perfect Head and Perfect Head Maxi

The more time the newborns spend on the pillow (especially during the first months) the more the eventuality of preventing and curing Plagiocephaly is higher.

Perfect Head: in the stroller

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Perfect Head Maxi: in the crib

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How is it made

Peaceful nights

Koala Perfect Head MAXI is the pillow conceived for longer nights in the crib. Safe against suffocation thanks to the breathable holes on the whole surface. The German BASF memory foam guarantees unique support and softness, it’s also able to distribute evenly the pressure of the skull.
We suggest not to use filled pillows during the first year.

Always effective

The hole in Perfect Head MAXI is less accentuated than in Perfect Head to better favour the movements during sleep time. The reduced width in the cervical area guarantees the usage of the pillow since the very first months guaranteeing the most effectiveness in the prevention and cure of plagiocephaly and brachycephaly.
The wide surface of the pillow guarantees that even with the nocturnal movements your baby will stay with the head on the pillow, assuring you beneficial aids in the prevention of plagiocephaly.

Removable, Always ready-to-use

Koala Perfect Head MAXI has a removable pillowcase! You will find 2 pillowcases in the box. Your baby will never be without it.

Bring it everywhere

The very comfortable bag will allow you to bring your Koala Perfect Head always with you, even on vacation!

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Which Koala Perfect Head pillow do you need?

icona cuscino koala babycare

Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding

Choose it in case you need a nursing pillow that you can always carry with you, to give your little one’s head all the support he needs in an important moment, such as breastfeeding!

icona cuscino koala babycare

Koala Perfect Head

Choose it if your baby is from 0 to 12 months old and you want to give protection to his/her little head on all mobile supports, from the crib to the stroller! In fact, KPH is made of a perforated memory foam and is safe from the very first days!

icona cuscino koala babycare

Koala Perfect Head Maxi

Choose it if your baby is from 0 to 36 months old and has already started sleeping in the Next2me or in the crib, its generous dimensions will give the prevention and treatment of plagiocephaly for the duration of his/her rest! And you can sleep peacefully thanks to the anti-suffocation memory foam!

Passion, Research and Sharing.

Koala Babycare is not only the product, but also information, research and dedicated studying.

Our dream is that Koala Babycare mother's experience doesn’t end at the moment of the delivery, but that they’re helped in every phase with the support of a formed and professional team.

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