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Ergonomic Baby Carrier Koala Cuddle Band

Sold out
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Money Back Guarantee
Delivery in 1-2 working days
24 month warranty
  • Easy-to-use: slips on like a T-shirt
  • Hands-free to do whatever you want
  • Perfect for settling your baby and soothing them to sleep
  • Ergonomic Back Support: helps prevent back strain
  • Adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes
  • Suitable from birth up to 9kg

Why choose it

Koala Cuddle Band is a baby carrier that slips on as easily as a T-shirt. In just a few simple steps, your baby will be happy and safe. You’ll be hands-free and, at the same time, be snuggled up closely to your baby.

Babies need physical contact, which is why they calm and settle inside a baby wrap in just a few minutes.

The ergonomic back support prevents back pain by distributing the baby's weight evenly.

It suits all shapes and sizes, thanks to its easily adjustable side rings.

Koala Cuddle Band sling for babies also helps promote correct motor development of a baby’s hips and back.

Materials and washing

Band: 65% Polyester - 30% Cotton - 5% Spandex Back support: 100% Polyester Koala Cuddle Band can be machine washed at 30°. It can be placed in the tumble dryer on a delicate low temperature program cycle.


• Supporto Ergonomico IHDI • Oeko Tex • Colour Fastness
Learn more about certification

Warranty and return

Two year warranty and 30 day returns - whatever the reason - with our Money Back Guarantee.

The original: slips on just like a T-shirt

Koala Cuddle Band is the simplest ergonomic baby carrier to use and adapts easily to fit everyone.

It’s an adjustable, pre-tied baby wrap which allows you to carry your baby around safely in just a few simple steps. You’ll be hands-free to do whatever you want!

Because it’s just what you need

The features which make Koala Cuddle Band the mostlovedsling for babies

Perfect for all body shapes

Adapts to fit all sizes in one simple step - adjust the rings in an instant.

Ergonomic, breathable back support

Say goodbye to back ache, with its ergonomic back support you’ll hardly notice the weight of your baby.

Soft and comfortable fabric

The material retains its softness wash after wash, meaning you can enjoy the convenience of machine-washing it.

    Babies love being in a baby carrier, it soothes them and they fall asleep

    Why do babies in slings stop crying and fall asleep in record time? Close to mum and dad, they feel safe and secure. 

    Nurturing a baby’s need for physical contact is important as it will help infants grow to be independent and confident.

    Discover the differences

    Ergonomic Baby Carrier Koala Cuddle Band
    Baby Carrier Wrap Koala Cuddle Band 2
    Newborn sling Koala Cuddle Wrap Stretchy
    It’s ideal
    If you are looking for an easy-to-use baby carrier wrap
    It’s ideal
    If you are looking for an easy-to-use baby carrier wrap with a unique design and organic, breathable material
    It’s ideal
    If you love experimenting with new babywearing tie-methods and are looking for a wrap, made of organic material, that allows you to express your own individual style
    Suitable from birth
    Suitable from birth
    Suitable from pregnancy
    2 Tie Methods
    2 Tie Methods
    4 Tie Methods
    Model type
    Pre-tied, Adjustable
    Model type
    Pre-tied, Adjustable
    Model type
    To be tied
    Baby Carrier Wrap: 65% Polyester - 30% Cotton - 5% Spandex Back Support: 100% Polyester
    Baby Carrier Wrap: 97% organic cotton - 3% elastane Back Support: 100% Polyester
    100% organic cotton
    IHDI, GOTS, SCUOLA DEL PORTARE (Italian Babywearing Education Centre)
    IHDI, GOTS, SCUOLA DEL PORTARE (Italian Babywearing Education Centre)
    Max. Weight
    Tested up to 9 kg
    Max. Weight
    Ideal up to 10 Kg (Tested up to 15 kg)
    Max. Weight
    Ideal up to 10 Kg (Tested up to 15 kg)

    What do Koala mums and dads think about it?

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1690 reviews
    Must have

    Per noi e la nostra piccola è sicuramente un elemento indispensabile. Utilizzata fin dal sesto giorno di vita, la bimba si sente protetta e si rilassa subito. Consente di muoversi abbastanza liberamente, posso lavorare al PC senza problemi, portare fuori il cane e la bimba non mi pesa come quando la tengo in braccio senza fascia.

    Grazie per aver condiviso la vostra esperienza con noi Diana, siamo davvero felici di sapere che vi siete trovati così bene con la nostra Koala Cuddle Band :)

    Ee genial

    Mi bebe al principio lloraba pero en unos 2 minutos así se calmaba y aguantaba en el porteo horas!! Normalmente se dormia y a mi me dejaba las manitas libres. Es un inventado, además este es muy fácil de poner y se puede llevar debajo del carro porque ocupa muy poco al ser de tela. Yo estoy encantada. Mi bebé pesa ya 8k y me da pena que pronto tenga que cambiarlo ya jeje

    ¡Hola Jenifer! ¡Qué maravilla leerte! Mil gracias por compartir tu experiencia <3

    Niemals bereut

    Es ist einfach und schnell anzuziehen, es ist angenehm zutragen und mein Baby liebt es!!! Meine besteTrageerfahrung (3 Kinder)

    Vielen Dank <3

    Janina Andric
    Absolut zu empfehlen!

    Wir lieben dieses Tragetuch. Es ist super leicht anzulegen. Meinte Tochter (7 Wochen) schläft direkt ein und bleibt lange gerne drin liegen. Habe direkt beim ersten Mal ohne Probleme es geschafft richtig anzulegen und sie hinein zu legen. Ihre Füßchen sind direkt in der richtigen „M“ Stellung und bleiben so ohne das es sie in den Kniekehlen abdrückt. Ein absolutes Must-have!!

    Vielen herzlichen Dank für Ihre Bewertung, wir freuen uns sehr, dass Sie mit dem Cuddle Band so zufrieden sind und Ihre Kleine sich darin so wohl fühlt.

    Sehr zu empfehlen

    Unsere Tochter (7 Wochen) liebt das Cuddle Band von Tag 1. leider habe ich statt 1-2 Werktage eine ganze Woche warten müssen und konnte es kaum noch erwarten. Aber dafür hat es sich gelohnt. Habe sie direkt ausgepackt und angezogen. Dachte erst das es doch etwas komplizierter werden könnte die kleine Maus rein zu legen, aber nein es hat sofort geklappt und ihre Beinchen lagen richtig in M Stellung. Ich und vorallem unsere Tochter liebt sie. Sobald sie drin liegt wird sie ruhig und schläft ein. Ein Must-have!!

    Vielen lieben Dank für Ihre Bewertung, wir freuen uns sehr, dass Ihnen das Cuddle Band so gut gefällt. Für die Verzögerung mit der Spedition möchten wir uns herzlich entschuldigen.

    Support from our Koala Mum Community

    • @babyonafamily Instagram
    • @eyesofthemoon Instagram
    • @ale.colonna Instagram
    • @ikasanchezfr Instagram
    • @ale_samaniego Instagram
    • @joyfullyeve Instagram
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    Frequently asked questions on this product

    For sure! Koala Cuddle Band can be used from day one.

    Koala Cuddle Band can carry a maximum weight of 9kg, meaning you can use it throughout the first year of your baby’s life.

    Babywearing in hot weather is entirely up to you. However, generally speaking there’s no problem; the carrier provides comfort and will keep both you and your baby cool. 🙂

    During summer we recommend:
    • Wearing natural fabrics, that goes for both you and your baby, who can even wear just a nappy if it’s very hot.
    • Taking breaks if you’re sweating a lot.
    • Changing and resuming after a short break if clothing becomes wet.
    • Placing one of our 30x30 Koala Soft Touch muslin cloths between your baby’s face and your chest, it will help absorb any sweat and you’ll both feel less hot and sticky. Always make sure that your baby’s airways are clear.

    Koala Cuddle Band is an elastic strip with a reinforced back support, recommended during the first year of your baby's life!

    You can wash your Koala Cuddle Band in the washing machine at 30°C with similar coloured fabrics. Koala Babycare recommends that you do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean or do not tumble dry your carrier band.

    No – not all, it’s super easy. At the top of this page, you’ll find a video tutorial guide with all the instructions for using your baby carrier correctly.

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