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Nursing pillows

Koala Babycare nursing pillows make breastfeeding more comfortable and pleasant for both mother and baby. 


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Nursing pillows

Koala Babycare nursing pillows

Koala Babycare nursing pillows make breastfeeding more comfortable and pleasant for both mother and baby.

Any doubts you may have about whether you really need a breastfeeding pillow, will disappear as soon as you try one. A nursing pillow is extremely handy and practical: it eases strain on your arms, shoulders and back as you support your baby’s weight.

The best nursing pillows also reduce tension in the abdomen area, which is especially important just after childbirth and particularly following a caesarean section.

They ensure you position your baby correctly when feeding, making it a less stressful and a more pleasant experience for you both.

The baby is more comfortable and also avoids prolonged contact with mum's arm (or dad’s even - if bottle feeding), which can prove too firm for a newborn baby’s soft head. This reduces the risk of developing flat head syndrome, or positional plagiocephaly.

How to use a nursing pillow? Wrap Koala Hugs around your waist and lay your baby on it while you breastfeed. This will help avoid having to strain to support your baby’s weight, allowing you to focus all your attention on cuddles.

Koala Hugs will come in very handy for many months, even after you have weaned your baby, as it's not just for breastfeeding. It's a multi-functional pillow which can be used as a tummy time aid and for when you are encouraging your baby to crawl.

Let's not forget that it is also a great pregnancy pillow, it helps mums-to-be to enjoy a good night’s sleep with her baby bump and provides relief from back pain, even post childbirth.

It’s available in two different versions: Koala Hugs and Koala Hugs Plus.

The Plus version has an extra lower back and neck support cushion. It helps combat back pain, not only in mums-to-be, but in anyone who suffers from it, both males and females.

Both versions come with a removable pillowcase in a choice of colours, making it easy to wash. Pillowcases can also be purchased separately, so you can have a change of colour or style whenever you want.