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Koala Silver Cups: silver cups friends of breastfeeding!

Koala Silver Cups nipple shields: discover all the advantages of this object that will make your breastfeeding experience simple and pleasant!

Koala Silver Cups: silver cups friends of breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural gestures that binds a mom to her baby since he is born. The benefits of this sweet act are innumerable, both for the baby and for the mother herself.

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But what few people tell you, when you are pregnant, is that breastfeeding can also bring with you some discomfort, such as breast fissures. If you get caught unprepared, you can let yourself be frightened and even stop breastfeeding to relieve the pain. If, on the other hand, you know what to expect and above all how to manage the problem, you can face everything much more serenely.

We are here for this: we want to talk to you about Koala Silver Cups, very small silver nipple shields that will prove to be huge allies of your well-being!

Breast fissures: what they are and how to deal with them

Breast fissures are small lesions that appear on the nipple during the breastfeeding period. They can be slight cracks or real cuts associated with slight bleeding, and occur mainly in new mothers with the first child.

The main cause of fissures, apart from the sensitivity of the skin, is an incorrect attack on the breast by the newborn. A fundamental element of prevention of the problem is therefore the positioning of the baby during the feeding, which must lead him to suck the nipple keeping in the mouth not only the tip but also the areola.

In addition to this, there are many small precautions to keep in mind to improve the situation – but one of the most effective remedies (and also methods of prevention!) are silver nipple shields.

Properties of silver cups

The silver nipple shields are simple, slightly shaped disks, made with this material, which must be placed on the nipple between one feed and the other.

Why silver? Because it has healing, antibacterial and disinfectant properties – so it will give you immediate pain relief and help breast fissures heal faster, protecting them from contact with external bacterial agents.

Actually, they are the modern evolution of an old grandmothers remedy, who used to place silver spoons on their nipples when they developed this annoying problem. On the other hand, the healing properties of pure silver have been known since the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans!

The advantages of silver nipple shields, compared to other remedies such as creams or chemical disinfectants, are mainly three:

  1. They do not cause dryness or irritation of the breast skin
  2. They do not leave the nipple wet, which would slow down scarring
  3. They release neither harmful substances for the baby nor a bad taste that would disturb him

For all these reasons, we thought of creating our Koala Silver Cups which – we are sure – will help you face breastfeeding in the best way!

Silver nipple shields: how to use them?

If you’ve never heard of silver breast cups, you may wonder how exactly they should be used. You are lucky, because they are truly an object that is very easy to use.

Our advice is to start using them also as a form of prevention – therefore from a few days before the expected date of delivery, simply by inserting them between the nipple and the bra.

After giving birth, when breastfeeding begins, at the end of each feed, massage the nipple and areola with a few drops of your milk, then let it take in air so that they are not too wet when you cover them. Your milk is not only nutritious for the baby, but also for your own skin: it makes it softer and also helps the healing of fissures (if already present).

At that point you just have to put the silver cups on your nipples, without forgetting to make them adhere well. Don’t worry about them moving: the anatomical shape of the Koala Silver Cups and the presence of the nursing bra will keep them in place.

If by chance you should notice that between a feed and the other you secrete a lot of milk, between the silver nipple shield and the bra you can insert milk absorbing cups – but be careful not to put them in contact with the nipple, otherwise the benefits of silver they will not be able to express themselves.

When it is time to breastfeed, you will simply have to uncover the nipple and you will not even need to wash it before feeding: silver in fact releases neither nickel or other harmful substances nor a bad taste – your baby will be able to eat in complete tranquility.

To keep the Koala Silver Cups nipple shields always in good share, just rinse them with lukewarm water and possibly a little neutral soap: the antibacterial properties of silver ensure that you don’t need any disinfectant. To remove milk residues, you can leave them to soak for a few minutes in a glass with water and baking soda, remembering to dry them with a soft cloth immediately afterwards.

You see? Super easy…

Why choose Koala Silver Cups

So, wanting to summarize and clarify even better, what makes the Koala Silver Cups nipple shields so special?

  • They are light, thin and have an anatomical shape that allows perfect adherence to the nipple. Despite this, they are discreet: you can wear them outside the home and nobody will notice anything.
  • They are made of 999 Pure Silver, which maximizes their antibacterial, disinfectant and healing properties.
  • They are one of the best methods of prevention and treatment of breast fissures: if the lesions and pain have already appeared, you will be able to perceive the first benefits within 24-48 hours.
  • They do not contain nickel, so they will not harm your skin by contact or the baby when you breastfeed him.
  • They do not release any harmful substance to the newborn.
  • They do not alter the taste of the nipple or the milk.
  • It is not necessary to sterilize them between one use and another.
  • They are an ecological choice: the silver cups for the breasts are in fact reusable even for subsequent pregnancies (obviously keeping them carefully).

Some mothers wonder if silver nipple shields have contraindications. The answer is: no, they really are a safe product for everyone – mothers and babies!

We created Koala Silver Cups with the attention and commitment that you have come to know by now, because we want your breastfeeding experience to be the best possible one. We are sure that our silver nipple shields will become your trusted friends in this delicate phase of your life as a mother!

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