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Koala Soft Touch baby muslin cloths: why they are a must-have
Ein Kind großziehen
9. März 2023

Koala Soft Touch baby muslin cloths: why they are a must-have

At least one other mum will have no doubt recommended cotton muslin cloths to you, as they are among the top things you need for a newborn baby! But what are they actually for, and what are the different ways I keep hearing about that I can use them for with a baby? Let us explain! Spoiler alert: they’re super useful with young infants! 

What are baby muslins? 

Let's start at the very beginning. Muslins are soft cotton squares, which come in a variety of sizes and offer multiple uses for babies. Koala muslin cloths baby are available in three different sizes: 30x30, 80x80 or 120x120 cm. 

They also come in a variety of designs and colours, and are perfect as a newborn baby gift for a new mum! 

What can I use newborn muslin cloths for? Practical uses for muslins 

In a typical day as a new parent, how often will you reach out for a muslin cloth? Many times, in a variety of different contexts and situations. You can pack a few in your bag to take with you wherever you go, even when out and about, so that you always have one to hand whenever needed!  

That's why they are a part of that famous newborn essentials list. Let’s take a look at what you can use them for: 


Mussole Koala Soft Touch come bavaglino

Don't have a bib handy? Or are you out and about and only have a few muslin cloths with you inside your baby bag? No problem - you can use your muslin cloths as a baby bib, just tie it loosely around your babies neck at mealtimes. 

Anti-reflux, drooling and baby burp cloths

Wiping away milk your infant spits up after a feed happens on a daily basis, just pull a muslin cloth for baby out from your bag to protect your clothes as well as his. 

Also you know how much babies drool, especially when teething! Muslin burp cloths are always on hand, ready to dry your baby’s face.

Reusable baby wipes

Newborn muslin cloths can also be used as a wipe, in fact they are ideal for a baby’s delicate skin! You can use them to dry their clean little bottom at nappy time.

Changing mat cover

A good sized muslin is perfect for use as a changing pad cover and for all those impromptu nappy changes, such as in restaurants or at a relative’s or friend’s home. 

Baby towel

Koala Soft Touch 80x80 large muslin cloth is perfect, in terms of size and absorbency, for use as a soft newborn bath towel.

Summer blanket

During the summer, a cotton muslin blanket is all you need to protect your little one from sudden changes in temperature, even while out walking in the pram or while in their car seat.

Baby comforter

Babies love their muslin cloths so much that they become a sort of baby comforter blanket to have close by at all times, to make them feel safe and loved wherever they may be.  

Newborn swaddle

Swaddling is a very old and widespread tradition practised across many different cultures.  

A baby, when snug in a muslin swaddling wrap, feels safe and secure, just like when they were inside mummy’s tummy. This is why they sleep more peacefully. 

Learn how to swaddle your newborn baby, step by step!

Nursing cover

The 120x120 Koala Soft Touch muslin square can be swiftly transformed into a breastfeeding cover up in one single step, enabling you to nurse your baby intimately and in a relaxed way even when out and about. Even if not every woman feels uncomfortable breastfeeding in public, it varies from mum to mum!

The unique features of Koala Soft Touch 

  • Available in three different sizes: 30x30, 80x80 and 120x120 cm. 
  • One product, multiple uses. 
  • Made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. 
  • Soft to touch wash-after-wash. 
  • Original and stylish: each pack contains plain muslins in soft pastel colours or with cute designs. 
  • Carefully designed packaging, making them the perfect gift. 

Discover the range here!

How to wash Koala baby muslin cloths 

Koala Soft Touch muslin squares are made of 100% certified organic cotton, to respect the delicate skin of even the youngest of babies as much as possible. 

They’re easy to wash: simply machine wash at 30° and they’ll come out softer than before! 

They dry quickly and there’s no need to iron them, meaning you’ll always have a clean one ready-to-use whenever needed (and trust me, you’ll reach for one multiple times a day!). 


Now you know what you can use a baby muslin cloth (like our Koala Soft Touch) for!

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