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Newborn pre-tied baby carrier: why is it so handy?
Élever un enfant
1 septembre 2022

Newborn pre-tied baby carrier: why is it so handy?

A pre-tied baby wrap is easy-to-use, which is why it’s a good choice even for those who are using a baby sling for the first time. What advantages does it offer to both the user and baby? Continue reading.

What is a pre-tied newborn baby carrier? 

There are two macro-categories of babywearing carriers and slings: structured carriers (such as a baby carrier) and non-structured (such as a stretchy wrap sling). A pre-tied baby sling carrier falls somewhere in between as it’s a stretchy baby carrier wrap which is already pre-tied for ease of use. 

There are different types, some with a ring, others with shoulder straps that you put on like a backpack. Basically, a pre-tied baby wrap slips on over your head, just like a T-shirt, and all that’s left to do is to put your baby inside.  

These are ergonomic baby slings, which respect a baby’s natural physiological position during their first months of life, with their knees bent in an M-shape. Of course, they must be used correctly, ensuring the baby is positioned properly. 

Who is a pre-tied carry wrap best for? 

Babywearing, or using a baby carrier or sling, offers many benefits to both baby and mum and dad, even if some parents are a little apprehensive about using a baby carrier for the first time. That's where a pre-tied baby carrier wrap comes to the rescue! 

It's a newborn baby carrier perfect for all, however, it’s been specifically designed for newborns and parents who are new to babywearing, or for those who don’t want the fuss of having to tie the sling each time.  

They are quick and easy to use and fit most shapes and sizes, given they can generally be adjusted with ease, for example by rings, if present. 

Stretchy or structured sling for a newborn – which is best? 

A pre-tied baby carrier can either be stretchy or structured. What’s the difference? The fabric – if it’s elastic or not. In simpler terms, an elastic sling stretches when pulled and then returns to its original size. It can stretch in one direction (this type is called a one-way baby sling) or from both directions (two-way). 

Stretchy fabric is more suitable for very young infants, such as newborns, while non-stretchy woven fabric has the advantage that it can be used for longer, even with older babies and toddlers. 

How to pre-tie a woven baby wrap 

Non-stretchy woven wraps can also be pre-tied. For example, the Simple Front Cross Carry (FCC) pre-tied method, which is one of the most practical and is suitable for various age groups. 

Pre-tying your woven sling involves tying it on your body, without your baby, and then, once completed, you can slip your baby in and out as many times as you want. 

If, for example, you take your baby out of their sling for a while, you can keep your wrap on and just put your baby back inside whenever you need to. 

Or you can take off your pre-tied sling wrap and then slip it back on later just as you would with a t-shirt, leaving the ties and knots in place.  

The pre-tied method can also be used with stretchy slings, taking care that any knots don’t come loose. 

Here's how to pre-tie your baby wrap: 

  • Place the centre of the wrap behind your back 
  • Gather all the fabric in your hands 
  • Bring one end over the opposite shoulder 
  • Repeat the same with the other end 
  • Spread the fabric out well over your shoulders 
  • With your opposite hand wrap the first end behind your back and gather it in your hand 
  • Repeat with your other hand and the other end, then tie a double knot in front of you 
  • Place your hands in a praying position inside the cross and widen the space at the front 

Your pre-tied sling is now ready for your baby!  

Koala Cuddle Band 2, the pre-tied stretchy wrap that slips on just like a T-shirt 

Koala Cuddle Band 2 is a pre-tied baby carrier wrap with adjustable rings, allowing it to slip on over your head - just like a T-shirt - and to adapt to your shape with ease. 

It’s perfect for all mums and dads: it adapts to all shapes and sizes in one simple step and is super easy-to-use even for those who are trying babywearing for the first time. 

Unlike other pre-tied baby carriers, Koala Cuddle Band has an ergonomic breathable back support, providing the user with maximum comfort so they can wave goodbye to back pain. 

How to put Koala Cuddle Band on

Koala Cuddle Band slips on in less than a minute, and you can do it on your own, without the need for any help. It’s really super easy to put on! Here's how to do it:  

  • Slip Koala Cuddle Band on over your head just like a T-shirt 
  • Adjust the back support 
  • Use the rings to adjust the baby carrier wrap so that it fits snugly around your body 
  • Take hold of your baby so they are facing you. Slide baby's right leg under the band, ensuring the fabric is spread out well across their back 
  • Repeat the process with their left leg. Your baby should be sitting with his or her legs in an M-position. 
  • Take the support band and wrap it carefully around your baby's back, tying it at the back or front, underneath your baby's legs. 


Babies love being carried in a sling; it makes them feel protected, safe, and secure. That's why baby carriers can calm a fussy baby within minutes. They also allow mum and dad to keep their baby snuggled up close whilst they enjoy being hands-free!