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How to use nipple shields - Koala Silver Cups
Conseils aux futurs parents
21 décembre 2022

How to use nipple shields - Koala Silver Cups

Silver nipple cups have extraordinary healing properties. This is why they are used to treat nipple soreness when breastfeeding and to protect nipples after breastfeeding. How to put on a nipple shield? Read on to find out more. 

Silver nipple shields: how do nipple shields work?

Breastfeeding is a unique experience for every mum, yet it can also be quite challenging, especially during those early days. Mum and baby are learning, trying to understand how to latch baby on to the breast properly, nipples are sore, and nipple fissures can appear. 

Our advice is to consult a professional who can help you understand how to make your nursing experience easier. 

There are a few things which can help you right from the start: 

  • Mum should breastfeed in a comfortable position, so that she does not feel any pain in her shoulders, back or arms. A nursing pillow, such as Koala Hugs, can help greatly. 
  • Baby should be latched on to your breast properly: your baby's mouth should be opened wide and should hold, not only your nipple, but also a large part of your areola. You should only hear your baby swallowing and not sucking, as no air should be entering your baby's mouth. 

In most cases, the cause of cracked nipples breastfeeding is an improper latch. However, try not to become discouraged! You’ll soon both learn.

Koala Silver Cups, silver nipple shields, are a great help, not only against nipple pain breastfeeding and chafed nipples, but they also offer protection to delicate, senstitive and painful nipples from coming into contact with fabric.  

Silver nipple covers, here's how to use them! 

If you're wondering how to use silver breastfeeding nipple shields, you've come to the right place! You’ll soon see that it’s very simple, much easier than you think. What's more, they are so comfortable that once you’ve got them on, you won't even notice they're there! 

Let's start at the beginning. Before using them for the first time, wash in lukewarm water and mild soap, drying thoroughly with a clean cloth. As they are made of pure silver, care must be taken to dry them well to prevent oxidisation! 

Place the shields on your nipples, making sure they fit snugly, and put on your bra. Don't worry about them moving around: their anatomical design, together with your bra itself, will keep them in place. 

Before feeding your baby, simply remove the nipple shields. They are odourless and tasteless and do not contain any harmful substances (such as nickel), so the taste of your milk will remain unaltered for your baby. 

Once you’ve finished feeding, massage your nipple with a drop of your milk and let it air dry for a few minutes. Your milk also helps with your sore cracked nipples!

See? It’s as simple as that! It's harder said than done.

Tips on how to use silver nipple shields 

Koala Silver Cups are effective not only against treating sore cracked nipples, but also in preventing their occurrence. That’s why we recommend that you start using nipple shields a few days before your birth due date as a form of prevention. 

If you find you’re leaking a lot of breast milk inbetween feeds, insert breast pads between the nipple shield and your bra. Be careful, however, not to put them in contact with your nipple, otherwise you won’t benefit from the silver. 

Who says you have to use Koala Silver Cups only at home? They are comfortable and invisible underneath clothing, so you can wear them whenever you want without having to worry about anyone noticing them. 

How to clean nipple shields 

How do you sterilise Koala Silver Cups? 

It's very simple! Just rinse them with lukewarm water and a little mild soap. The antibacterial properties of silver mean that there’s no need to sterilise them. Just remember to dry them well with a soft cloth.

There you go, zero effort for a baby item you can use while breastfeeding and also with any future babies. 

Can silver oxidise? 

To eliminate the risk of silver oxidation, we recommend drying the shields thoroughly after each wash and storing them in their original case when not in use.

If they show typical signs of blackening from oxidation, soak them for a few minutes in a glass of boiling water and baking soda (50 g per litre). 

What you’ve learnt by reading this post, is that Koala Silver Cups are really easy-to-use. You may not know, however, that they are also effective in the prevention and treatment of sore cracked or chafed nipples and nipple fissures, and they also offer protection to your nipples, which are more sensitive, delicate and sore at this particular time. 

Our advice is to use them in conjunction with Vitamin E Oil, a true miracle-worker against all types of skin irritation.