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Koala Driving Belt: peace of mind for driving when pregnant
Santé des femmes enceintes et des nouvelles mamans
2 février 2023

Koala Driving Belt: peace of mind for driving when pregnant

Do I have to wear a seat belt during pregnancy? Yes, definitely! Not wearing one increases any risk significantly. Today we explain how to wear your seat belt properly to protect both mum’s safety as well as her unborn baby. We also explain why Koala Driving Belt is just what you need!  

Seat belt when pregnant – absolutely yes!

If anyone still believes that not wearing a seat belt while pregnant is safer for your baby, then let us clarify right away: this is completely untrue! 

Not wearing a seat belt poses a much greater risk to mum and her unborn baby than any harm restraint systems could cause. 

This is also why mums-to-be are legally obliged to wear a seat belt, as stipulated by UK law. 

There is, however, a safer way of wearing your seat belt to protect both mum and her bump. Read on! 

How to wear a seat belt during pregnancy

Seat belt pregnancy: what worries mums most is the sensation of being compressed by the lower strap, which runs across the abdomen area. 

The abdominal belt strap should be repositioned underneath your bump, so it doesn’t put pressure on your unborn baby and keeps mum safe. 

How can you position your car seat belt safely to enable you to keep on driving or use a passenger seat with peace of mind? 

Simple - by using Koala Driving Belt, a pregnancy seat belt adapter! 

Convenient and very easy-to-install, it helps you position your belt correctly across your bump to protect both mum and baby. 

Is it dangerous to drive while pregnant? False myths

Can you drive when pregnant? When you’re expecting a baby, especially if it’s your first pregnancy, it’s only normal to have questions about things which used to come so naturally to you, such as driving.  

We are no longer only responsible for ourselves, but also for a precious new life growing inside of us. 

Feeling afraid of driving pregnant can be a natural instinct. Whether you drive or not is entirely up to you, and you don't have to drive long distances at night if you feel better staying at home. 

What you have to ask yourself is: do I really want to give up my independence and essential journeys, such as travelling to work by car? 

Here are some false myths about seat belts during pregnancy to help clarify: 

Car seat belts and the first trimester of pregnancy

Some mums fear that wearing a seat belt during the first few weeks may cause a miscarriage. This, however, cannot be true, as during the first weeks of pregnancy the belt is not positioned close to the womb, thus, the restraint system of a seat belt won’t cause any problem in the event of a collision. 

Driving while pregnant during the third trimester

On the other hand, during the second and especially third trimesters the abdominal wall is very close to the uterine wall, meaning, in the event of an accident, the seat belt may affect the unborn baby. 

While this is true, it is also true (and rather evident) that not wearing a seat belt during an accident could lead to much worse consequences, for both mum and her unborn baby. Therefore, to those wondering can you drive while pregnant, seatbelts are a must - first and foremost! 

And, as we mentioned, by using a special seat belt adjuster for pregnancy, such as Koala Driving Belt, you can keep the lower strap away from your bump, without compromising the safety function of the belt itself. 

When should you stop driving when pregnant?

There are no specific limits on driving while pregnant. Therefore, you can even drive at nine months pregnant, it all depends on your overall health and how you feel. For example, if you have quite a large bump and you no longer feel comfortable behind the wheel, you should stop driving.

Do pregnancy-approved seat belts exist?

The answer is no, simply because there is no standard which regulates any type of seat belt for pregnant women. 

We, here at Koala Babycare, decided to subject our maternity seat belt extender to the highest safety tests, as we care about ensuring mums and dads have the best quality product together with peace of mind. 

Koala Driving Belt maternity seat belt adjuster has been crash-tested according to the ECE R16 regulation, which regulates the approval of seat belts.  

The crash test confirmed that the use of our seat belt adapter for pregnancy does not impact the seat belt performance in any way during an accident, making your seat belt equally effective with or without the use of our pregnancy safety belt. 

Koala Driving Belt - suitable for all types of car seats and easy-to-install, so you’re free to keep on driving while pregnant

Koala Driving Belt is a pregnancy car seat belt designed for mums who like to maintain their independence by driving or those who want to feel comfortable when sat in a passenger seat. 

The pregnant woman seat belt ensures your car seat belt is positioned properly, away from your abdomen area, protecting both mum and the unborn baby. 

What special features does it offer? 

  • It’s comfortable to wear with trousers, skirts, or dresses, thanks to its two different modes of use. 
  • It’s compatible with all car seats, both driver and passenger seats. 
  • It’s very easy to install, via the Isofix system or the special strap. 
  • It can be moved from driver to passenger seats quickly, so you can easily move it around when needed. 

Most importantly, Koala pregnancy seat belt positioner makes you feel safe and relaxed when travelling by car, even with two of you on board! 

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