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Perfect Head

All you need to protect your baby's little head from Flat Head Syndrome anytime of the day. Contains:
Koala Perfect Head, for carrycots, bouncers, and prams
Koala Perfect Head Maxi, for cots and co-sleeping cribs
Organic Baby Bath, gentle cleansing wash for babies
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All you need to protect your baby’s head

One in four infants develops Positional Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome) during the first four months of life. 

The pillows in Koala Perfect Head range are certified medical devices to prevent and treat flat head in young babies.

The bundle contains

Every mum performs miracles, especially with the right products

Koala Perfect Head, flat head pillow

Use it in the carrycot, crib, bouncer, the pram, and any other mobile support, to protect your baby’s head from Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

It’s as simple as resting their tiny head on the pillow!

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Koala Perfect Head Maxi, flat head pillow

For cots, co-sleeping cribs and play areas, it has been designed by doctors and professionals to distribute pressure evenly across your baby's little head.

Their head is in good hands!

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Organic Baby Bath, gentle hair and body cleansing wash

Ideal from birth as its natural ingredients respect and gently protect a newborn’s sensitive skin.

Does not irritate eyes, for a super fun bath time!

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