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The Perfect Duo

The perfect gift pack for every mum, as it contains the two most loved Koala products:
Koala Cuddle Band 2, easy-to-wear baby carrier wrap
Koala Perfect Head, for carrycots, bouncers, and prams
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The perfect gift for all new mums

Wondering what to get your friends who are about to become parents? Perfect Duo! 

It contains the two most popular Koala products of all time loved for their practicality: a baby sling carrier that slips on over your head like a T-shirt and a certified pillow to prevent Flat Head, which is very common in newborns.

The bundle contains

Every mum performs miracles, especially with the right products

Koala Cuddle Band 2, the easy-to-use newborn baby carrier!

The Koala Cuddle Band that slips on over your head like a T-shirt.

Made of certified organic cotton and approved by the Scuola del Portare ® (Italian Babywearing Education Centre), it’s pre-tied and ready-to-use, so it takes less than a minute. How many things can you get done now your hands are free? 

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Koala Perfect Head, flat head pillow

Use it in the carrycot, crib, bouncer, the pram, and any other mobile support, to protect your baby’s head from Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

It’s as simple as resting their tiny head on the pillow! 

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