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Mum Care
Baby Care

Mum & Baby

The best products to care for both mum and baby in one single pack:
Koala Hugs Plus, multifunctional pregnancy and nursing pillow
Koala Perfect Head, for carrycots, bouncers, and prams
Almond oil, for stretch marks and for massaging your newborn
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A bundle full of surprises, for you and your baby

A magical pack to accompany you from pregnancy to after the birth, taking care of both mum and baby.  

Inside are two multi-functional and versatile products which evolve with your needs every step of the way, as well as our iconic Koala pillow, your best ally against Flat Head. 

The bundle contains

Every mum performs miracles, especially with the right products

Koala Hugs Plus, your best companion in pregnancy!

You can finally go back to having a good night’s sleep! It alleviates back pain, so you can tackle your day pain-free and full of energy once again.

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Once your baby arrives, it will become your breastfeeding pillow and more!

Post birth, it will become a great nursing pillow as well as a great support for Tummy Time and for encouraging your baby to crawl.

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Koala Perfect Head, flat head pillow

Use it in the carrycot, crib, bouncer, the pram, and any other mobile support, to protect your baby’s head from Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

It’s as simple as resting their tiny head on the pillow!

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Organic Sweet Almond Oil, for mum and baby

One single ingredient with extraordinary powers.

It’s your best ally against stretch marks during pregnancy and post-natal, and is ideal for baby massages as it protects the most sensitive of skins from redness and irritation. 

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