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Everything you need to breastfeed in the best possible way, for the well-being of both mum & baby. The pack contains:
Koala Hug Baby, the multi-functional nursing pillow
Koala Silver Cups, silver nipple shields
Vitamin E oil, to prevent and soothe sore, cracked nipples
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For the comfort of both mum and baby when breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is by no means easy, especially at the beginning.

This bundle is designed to make this unique experience much more comfortable for everyone, helping to keep nipple and postural pain at bay.

The bundle contains

Every mum performs miracles, especially with the right products.

Koala Hug Baby, the nursing pillow with 5 different uses!

Reduces muscle tension in mum's (or dad's) arms and shoulders during feeds, while ensuring your baby feels comfortable and is well supported.  

Evolves with your baby's development, assisting with post-feeding relaxation, tummy time and their first attempts at sitting up alone. 

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Koala Silver Cups, the nipple shields against pain

The extraordinary healing properties of Koala Silver Cups will keep sore cracked nipples at bay.  

Just slip them on, that's all! Invisible underneath clothing, they are that comfortable to wear you’ll even forget you have them on. 

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Vitamin E oil, a true miracle worker for your skin!

Ideal on all sorts of skin irritations, including redness in newborns and accelerates the healing of sore cracked nipples. 

100% natural and organic! 

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