It’s Emil and Giacomo, the founders of Koala Babycare.

Our friendship began in our high school classrooms and continued through the university years. After graduating in engineering, we took two different paths, but not for long. In fact, we found ourselves working in the same company, by chance … but, perhaps, chance doesn’t exist, given positive events that followed in cascade.

We did not last long in that context.
It was an important multinational company and we thought it would give us great satisfaction. In reality, all we did was design small parts of gigantic structures, which we never saw complete.

We could not give vent to our creativity nor touch with our own hands what we contributed to achieve.

We didn’t even have contact with the customers, of course. We felt like a small gear in a huge machine: that was not the life we ​​aspired to in our university years.
Together with the degree, we had also put aside the dream of creating something that could have a positive impact on people. Our work back then did not go in that direction, so it was tight. The time had come to give vent to our ambitions and take the life we ​​had always wanted.

We had our skills, the determination, the power of the internet that would allow us to reach anyone in the world. We lacked the product.

mamma bebè - Koala Babycare

During that time, several of our friends became parents.
Giacomo became an uncle and doted on his nephews and nieces.
Emil’s girlfriend used to work in a nursery school and often told us about mothers worried about their babies’ heads flattening after months of sleep without a pillow.
It was in that moment that we had an intuition:

Why not use our engineering skills to help mums and dads to solve this problem?

This was the spark that rekindled the flame of our passion.
So we, two young male engineers, began to dedicate ourselves body and soul to the well-being of babies.

interno cuscini - Koala Babycare

Our technical-scientific training guided us in the first phase of the study of plagiocephaly problem and of the solutions available on the market.
We started a real statistical investigation to understand the needs of new parents and infants. We did this by reading all the feedback online for products similar to what we wanted to develop.
We also bought the existing pillows to study them closely.
We talked to the mothers we knew and we talked to expert pediatricians about this problem, such as Doctor Bonanno.

After the analysis and design phase, followed the choice of materials.
So the BASF memory foam, of high quality, has joined the quilted pillowcase which is not only very soft, but it is also designed to resist washing without shrinking.
We have acted on several fronts without neglecting any detail, with one purpose.

We wanted to create a unique pillow, the best one to perfectly take care of your child’s delicate little head.
The best to support both the children and their head

This is how, in March 2017, the prototype of our pillow for plagiocephaly was born. We couldn’t be more proud of our first creature.

Koala Babycare has officially been born with it.

Just like an affectionate and tender koala, our pillow embraces your baby’s head with the same delicacy that you have in taking care of him or her.

Logo Circolare - Koala Babycare

At Koala Babycare we have not only put the brain and the technique, but also the heart and the passion.
That’s why we care so much about getting you into our world and accompanying you in the first months of the greatest adventure of your life. Or better: of your lives.

We don’t want to offer you just one product: anyone can do that.
We want to offer you our support and a 360° positive experience, which embraces you just like a koala.
We want to convey our enthusiasm and passion, but also the affection and harmony that we of the Koala Babycare team experience every day.

Yes, because since the birth of the first pillow our family has expanded.

Now it’s not just us, Emil and Giacomo, but Alberto, Arianna, Federico, Francesca, Margherita, Marta, Martina, Nicoletta, Sara and Silvia have also joined our team. It is thanks to them if we are present and available every day to answer all your questions. It is also thanks to them if we continue to grow step by step.

Why not use our engineering skills to help moms and dads solve this problem?

Both the two of us and our adventure companions are used to thinking big. This is why the Koala Babycare family will expand further.

After the Koala Perfect Head and Koala Perfect Head Maxi pillows, two other creatures that we can’t wait to introduce you are about to see the light. They will be a uniquely designed multifunction pregnancy pillow and a truly revolutionary baby carrier.

With our products we want to embrace every aspect of your experience in the first phase of your child’s life. And who knows whether our thinking big doesn’t pass on to your child, once he or she grows up!

We believe that living a happy and bright life is everyone’s right.

We have worked hard to achieve our happiness and we have succeeded with Koala Babycare.

In our own small way, we want to help make the World a better place. Not only with the products we create, but also with the mentality that we try to spread and with our support for associations that deal with children. We have chosen to partner with Unicef in order to be able to give concrete help to the children who need it most.

A person alone will not change the world, but together we can do it.

Starting from children, near and far, to make them grow dreaming big and become happy adults!