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Koala Babycare is a Unicef Friendly Enterprise

Children deserve the right to think they can change the world.

– quote. Lois Lowry

There is no phrase that can better express the philosophy we believe in at Koala Babycare.
When we designed our products, we did so with the purpose of helping others.
By putting our skills to work for babies and their parents, we wanted to improve their daily lives. Change their world.
However, we quickly felt the need to go further.
The desire to help make the whole world a better place came through loud and clear.

That’s why we chose to support UNICEF, which has been dedicated to children for over 70 years, even in developing countries: to help make the whole world a better place.

We’re lucky.

We grew up in a peaceful environment, we were well fed from a young age, we went to school.
We had the opportunity to dream big and build the future we wanted.

We are aware that we are lucky, and for that we also feel very grateful.

Our support of Unicef is a way to show this gratitude with actions, not just words.

To all the children who are born in poor areas, devastated by war or natural disaster.
To all the children who live in dangerous situations every day.
To all the children who come into the world seemingly without prospects.

We want to guarantee the right to think that they too can change the world.

To all of them, we want to ensure health, school and protection

That’s why we decided to become a UNICEF Friendly Enterprise, in support of the “Children in Danger” campaign.

Mandela said:

Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that a farmer’s daughter can become a doctor, a miner’s son can become a mine boss, or a child born into a working-class family can become the president of a great nation. What distinguishes us from one another is not what we are given, but our ability to bring out the best in what we have.

At Koala Babycare, we, too, believe that it is crucial to give every child the opportunity to build a better future.