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The necklace “Angel Caller ” with its 925 silver spherical pendant is ideal for all expectant mothers. It is the first means of communication that mother and child can use, its sound and its vibrations produced are perceived by the baby inside the belly, creating a magical and symbiotic bond.

If I am allergic to Nickel can I wear Koala Silver Lullaby?
Yes, our angel caller is Nickel free.

How long does the necklace measure?
The necklace measures 50cm.

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Magical and safe

The necklace and ball pendant are made of 925 Nickel-free sterling silver, so perfect for use by any mom without irritation! Inside the Koala Silver Lullaby pendant is a small xylophone whose vibrations can be felt by the baby in the belly.

A sweet lullaby

Did you know that the baby is able to distinguish sounds coming from outside as early as in the 20th week of pregnancy? That’s why Koala Silver Lullaby is the sweetest gift a mother can give to her baby!

A unique bond

Its melody will not only lull and relax the baby, but will also become the first communication between mother and child, helping the baby to synchronize its own rhythm of sleep and wakefulness with that of the mother and creating in them a sweet harmony that will accompany them for life.

Once upon a time…

According to ancient Mexican traditions, it was customary to give to expectant mothers this pendant called “Bola”. It was considered magical not only for its melody that reached the baby inside the belly but also because it was said that its sound attracted angels protecting the pregnancy and the unborn baby.

The perfect gift…

Koala Silver Lullaby is the perfect gift for all expectant mothers to whom we want to give a little magic to accompany them in the most important 9 months of their life!

Passion, Research and Sharing.

Koala Babycare is not only about products but also about information, research and constant study.

Our dream is that the experience of mothers with Koala Babycare does not end when the product is delivered, but that they are helped at every stage with the support of a trained and professional team.

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