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Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding is a memory foam ultra-thin pillow that has been studied specifically to give the right sustain to your baby’s head, preventing and curing positional plagiocephaly even during breastfeeding. Its functions are multiples: it can also be used to have your baby fall asleep in your arms or as pillow during your walks.

How do you wear Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding?

Insert the arm inside the hole and slide it up to the height of the elbow or where your child’s head normally rests.

Have the baby’s head coincide with the hole in the center of the pillow, in this way the pressure will be distributed evenly over the entire skull.

What is Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding for?

During breastfeeding, the baby stays still in the same position, pressing the head against the mother’s arm for a long time. This position could lead to positional plagiocephaly or worsen an existing one. For this reason it is good to prevent Plagiocephaly at any time of the day, including breastfeeding.

Can I use it even if I breastfeed artificially?

Of course! In any case during breastfeeding, the baby’s head always remains in a supine position and often the mother doesn’t alternate the arm. This behavior can lead to an increase in the possibilities of positional plagiocephaly, which is exactly why KPHB is even more useful in this case.

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Follow Anna’s instructions!

Bring it always with you, you can adapt Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding to your needs at any time!

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Recommended and guaranteed for 2 years

Marchi Sanitari - Koala Babycare

Our Koala Perfect Head pillows are certified as a Class A Medical Device. Guarantee your baby the best protection and safety!

Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding + Koala Silver Cups

For a peaceful and painless breastfeeding use Koala Silver Cups!

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How is it made

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Breastfeeding and plagiocephaly

The risk of positional plagiocephaly increases by assuming the same position for several hours, which occurs especially in the first months of breastfeeding.
Preventing plagiocephaly at any time of the day is very important and Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding is an excellent ally!

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Effectiveness guaranteed everywhere!

Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding has the same classic shape, with a central hole, of the other Koala Perfect Head pillows, in a pad that you can really take anywhere!

The memory foam ensures a suitable support for your baby’s head during breastfeeding, however being thinner and more foldable than that of the other KPH pillows, its effectiveness is reduced in case of prolonged sleep.

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Multifunctional pillow

How many times have you had to breastfeed outside the home? With Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding, comfort is always with you and after feeding, you can put your baby to sleep in your arms, avoiding soreness or, if necessary, using it as a pillow for the pram or stroller.

Due to the fabric reinforcement for the passage of the arm KPHB is not anti-suffocation, therefore we do not recommend using it for prolonged sleep in the absence of an adult.

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Nevermore without it!

Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding is removable, the spare pillowcase supplied will allow you to have your pillow always clean and to always bring it with you thanks to its practical travel bag!

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Which Koala Perfect Head pillow do you need?

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Koala Perfect Head Breastfeeding

Choose it in case you need a nursing pillow that you can always carry with you, to give your little one’s head all the support he needs in an important moment, such as breastfeeding!

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Koala Perfect Head

Choose it if your baby is from 0 to 12 months old and you want to give protection to his/her little head on all mobile supports, from the crib to the stroller! In fact, KPH is made of a perforated memory foam and is safe from the very first days!

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Koala Perfect Head Maxi

Choose it if your baby is from 0 to 36 months old and has already started sleeping in the Next2me or in the crib, its generous dimensions will give the prevention and treatment of plagiocephaly for the duration of his/her rest! And you can sleep peacefully thanks to the anti-suffocation memory foam!

Passion, Research and Sharing.

Koala Babycare is not only the product, but also information, research and dedicated studying.

Our dream is that Koala Babycare mother's experience doesn’t end at the moment of the delivery, but that they’re helped in every phase with the support of a formed and professional team.

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