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The multifunction pillow that will accompany you from the last months of your pregnancy to the first year of your baby’ life. In fact, not only will it be your best ally in the fight against back pain, but, over time, it will also become a great breastfeeding pillow, an amazing reducer for the crib and comfortable bumper!

What’s the difference between Koala Hugs and Koala Hugs Plus?
Both pillows are used for the main purpose, which is to ameliorate the sleep of pregnant mothers. However, for the mothers who want to be sure to have a stronger support, Koala Hugs Plus also has a mini-pillow that, when the mother is sitting, supports the cervical, while, when the mother is lying down, it supports the belly or the back, depending on the position the mother prefers. In any case, it’s an extra cuddle for you ?

Which are the suggested positions?
For your Koala Hugs, we suggest 6 different types of positions
For your Koala Hugs Plus, we suggest 8 different types of positions

Why does Koala Hugs arrive vacuum-packed?
The vacuum packed bag guarantees the hygiene of the product and allows Koala Hugs to be comfortably stored in every closet! Moreover, it makes it very easy to bring the pillow with you everywhere you want!

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What we care about the most is your satisfaction, for this reason we offer our clients the service “Satisfaction guarantee” (within 30 days from the purchase).

It is possible to return a product (not damaged) by writing an email to info@koalababycare.com communicating your order number.
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For a peaceful and painless breastfeeding use Koala Silver Cups!

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How is it made


Koala Hugs is a pregnancy multifunctional pillow that will not only cherish you during the last months of your pregnancy, relieving you from back pain, but it will also accompany you during the first months with your baby.

100% cotton pillowcase

The 100% cotton pillowcase has a hidden zip, so that it doesn’t touch or hurt neither yours or your baby’s skin.

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For the well-being of the mum…

To keep a good posture during rest times it guarantees a better quality of sleep, a much rested awakening and it’s one of the first solutions for back pain, that’s why Koala Hugs is a valid support to being able to keep the best postures during pregnancy.

icona bebè - Koala Babycare

…and of the baby

Once the baby is born, Koala Hugs functions will even multiply. It will become:

  • A breastfeeding pillow: this usage is very useful because not only is it very comfortable but it’s also a strong ally against positional plagiocephaly,
  • a bumper or reducer: thanks to its practical laces you can safely tie your pillow to the crib, so that your baby will feel cuddled and at ease,
  • a bouncer: closing all four safety laces you will have a large pillow on which to lay your baby while you are taking care of other duties, in this way you can keep it close to you in complete safety.

How about the Plus version?

Choose a complete support, choose the Koala Hugs Plus option!

What really makes Koala Hugs Plus special is the comfortable and removable little pillow that you can use as support for your lumbar or cervical making the usages of the pillow from 6 to 8!

Passion, Research and Sharing.

Koala Babycare is not only the product, but also information, research and dedicated studying.

Our dream is that Koala Babycare mother's experience doesn’t end at the moment of the delivery, but that they’re helped in every phase with the support of a formed and professional team.

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