Frequently Asked Questions

Koala Perfect Head Maxi

Why use Koala Perfect Head pillows?

Koala Perfect Head is meant to help prevent and to treat positional Plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome. It is an increasingly common disorder in infants and, according to studies by the American Academy of Pediatrics, up to 48% of newborn babies suffer from it. This anomaly has become even more widespread following the guidelines of the World Health Organization “Back to Sleep” that expect to let children rest only in the supine position (on the back) to counteract the risk of SIDS.

This causes the baby’s head (being very moldable in the first months) to flatten due to the constant pressure of the skull on a flat surface.

For added safety and in compliance with the WHO guidelines, we recommend using Koala Perfect Head under the supervision of an adult for the first 6 months of life (or until the infant is old enough to roll over by himself).

Thanks to its structure and materials that were chosen with great care.

Our pillows are all made of 100% German BASF memory foam. This material allows the pressures applied by the baby’s head to disperse over the pillow’s entire surface, avoiding flattening and localized pressures, which are amongst the main causes of flat head syndrome.

Sure. Preventing a condition is much easier and more effective than treating it. 

After purchasing Koala Perfect Head, you can immediately associate it with the necessary precautions for Flat Head Syndrome prevention, such as Tummy Time, the use of the baby wrap carrier and correct positioning of the baby from the first months. 

The memory foam of which the pillow is made of will help the baby’s head to develop correctly, eliminating localized pressures, and allowing a correct dispersion of the pressures over the entire surface of the pillow.

Since 1992, the WHO’s guidelines have recommended babies rest exclusively in the supine position (on their backs) and in cribs without padded pillows to counteract the increase in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

These guidelines have actually had the desired success, remarkably lowering SIDS cases from the very first years. 

At the same time, however, since the head of newborn babies is very moldable in the first months of life, being in the supine position for a long time on a flat surface can lead to the flattening of the skull (called positional Plagiocephaly). 

Scientific studies proved that this pathology can cause not only aesthetic problems but, in most serious cases, also cognitive and/or motor development. 

Koala Perfect Head line has been designed right downstream of these guidelines, and with the supervision of experts and professionals, we have made it as safe as possible. So much so that Koala Babycare was the only company invited to the Plagiocephaly conference held at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome in 2018. 

The use of all Koala Perfect Head pillows is suitable since birth, provided that they are used carefully and consciously. 

For maximum safety, we recommend Koala Perfect Head pillows are used under adult  supervision for the first 6 months of life or until the baby is able to roll over on its own. 

Sure, Koala Perfect Head pillows have:

– Patented design

– CE mark

Registration as Class 1 Medical Devices at the Italian Ministry of Health

– Certified as an Ergonomic Product by the German Institute of Health and Ergonomics (IGR)

– Oeko Tex certified materials.

Even though the Memory Foam with which they are made of has holes that facilitate the passage of air, no tests have been carried out on Koala Perfect Head that are able to certify it as an anti-suffocation device, as there is currently no legislation that regulates the classification of these devices as such. 

Therefore, we advise to use this pillow safely, our device should be used under close adult supervision, at least during the first 6 months of the baby’s life or until they have learned to roll over on their own.  

How to use Koala Perfect Head

Always place the baby in the supine position (the safest in the first year of life), resting the head in the center of the pillow near the groove. This position will allow to evenly distribute the pressure on the skull. Always make sure the shoulders are outside the pillow (in this way the spine and cervical will be aligned) and that the chin does not come close to the chest. 

For greater safety, from 0 to 6 months, or until the baby has learned to roll over by himself, we recommend that you always use the pillow under adult supervision. 

The first recommendation is to speak to your pediatrician immediately and consult a specialist who can recommend the most appropriate treatmentOnce you’ve done this and if you’ve purchased our pillow you can place the baby on the pillow (during daytime) on opposite side to the one affected by Plagiocephalyin order for him to have space and time to remodel 

Koala Perfect Head does not block the baby in a single position, so it is possible that the baby gets off the pillow if he moves. 

This is not an issue as the Memory Foam will always evenly distribute pressure over a very large surface, hence reducing the localized pressures that eventually cause Plagiocephaly.  

However, we advise you to combine the use of Koala Perfect Head with healthy daily habits to help combat Plagiocephaly which you can find here.

Each infant is different, so we cannot define the time it takes to see the first results. Some moms see results after the first few weeks, while others have to wait a few months.

The variables are many: if you follow a Plagiocephaly treatment from a specialist, if you follow daily precautions, if the child remains on mobile devices (such as car seat/infant carrier/bouncer) for a long time. 

We remind you that, for maximum effectiveness and visible results over a short period of time, the use of the pillow must be combined with a treatment and/or with correct daily habits. 

There are cases where Plagiocephaly can resolve on its own, but this is not always the case. 

Unfortunately, if we do not prevent or intervene when the baby’s head is still moldable, he will be at risk of various cranial fontanelles growing and closing, the deformations suffered in the first months also persist in growth. 

While it is true that in some cases Plagiocephaly is a purely an aesthetic defect, in other cases it could set the grounds for various future problems, such as difficulties in speech, swallowing or postural defects. In severe cases it could affect both cognitive and motor developments. 

Why there are two sizes and what are their most effective uses

We have thought and come up with two solutions to protect your baby’s head in all situations. 

Koala Perfect Head is the perfect solutionthat you can always carry with you. In fact, its compact shape makes it suitable for all supports (from prams to strollers) and the central groove is perfect for shaping the baby’s little head during the very first months of life. 

Koala Perfect Head Maxi, instead, is designed for naps in the bed up to 3 years of age. 

Its size  (50 cmensures that the baby’s head does not come out of the pillow as he moves and makes it perfect both fora co-sleeping cot and for a common cot. 

For maximum safety, we recommend using both pillows under adult supervision for the first 6 months of life or until the baby has learnt to roll over by himself. 

You can use Koala Perfect Head in the pram, carrycot, stroller, infant carrier, and even bouncer.

You can use Koala Perfect Head Maxi in a co-sleeping cot such as the Next To Me or in a traditional cot with rails. 

Koala Perfect Head is a pillow designed to be used on mobile devices, which are normally less spacious than a cot. This allows the pillow to help the child maintain the correct position, for example, the supine position, to remain at the center of the groove.  

By using Koala Perfect Head on a large surface such as that of a cot or a co-sleeping cradle, you will notice how the baby will move easily out of the pillow space, which is why the Maxi version is more suitable. 

Both Koala Perfect Head pillows are designed to be used from the first months of life, provided they are used consciously, but each of them has a different purpose. 

Koala Perfect Head can be used up to 12 months on mobile supports or small surfaces, while Koala Perfect Head Maxi can be used up to 36 in co-sleeping cots or cribs. 

We remind you that, to guarantee safety, you will have to use the deviceunder close adult supervision for at least the first 6 months of the baby’s life or until the baby is able to roll over by himself.  

The characteristic groove in Koala Perfect Head allows the baby’s head to maintain the correct position especially in those situations in which it is in a semi-extended position such as in a baby carrier or in a bouncer. 

It is also useful for keeping the baby’s head central avoiding the continuous escape from the pillow in the small devices. 

Koala Perfect Head Maxi, on the other hand does not have a significant groove, but a rounded concave in the central part, which is instead more suitable for all those devices in which the child is in a lying position. 

The memory foam function is the same on both pillows and the presence or absence of the recess does not impact the efficiency of the product. The different shapes are designed according to the devices in which the cushion is to be used. 

Pillow materials and washing methods

Both cushions are made of premium quality 100% German BASF Memory Foam. Two comfortable 75% cotton and 25% polyester pillowcases are provided with the pillow. The materials used are Oeko Tex certified. The cushions are free of zips, buttons, and iron parts to ensure the baby’s safety.

To take the pillowcase off the memory foam pillow, simply fold it up on itself and pull it out of the opening located on the backside of the pillowcase. 

We absolutely recommend you not to wash the memory foam either in immersed water or in the washing machine. Memory Foam is a material that, if immersed in water, loses its original shape, becoming unusable. You can clean it on the surface with well-wrung cotton or microfiber cloth and let it air out horizontally away from sunlight.

However, you can wash the pillowcases at 30°C. We advise you not to bleach them, not to iron them, not to dry clean them and not to use stain removers and solvents.