Frequently Asked Questions

Koala Perfect Head Maxi

Why use Koala Perfect Head pillows?

Koala Perfect Head is designed to effectively prevent infantile plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome. This is an increasingly common infantile disorder: in accordance with WHO guidelines, paediatricians are rightly advising parents to place their babies on their backs when they are lying down in baby carriers. This causes the baby’s head to flatten due to localised pressures on the baby’s preferred sleeping side. Koala Perfect Head is designed to prevent this type of problem.

Koala Perfect Head is able to prevent and cure a child’s flat head thanks to its structure and materials that we have chosen with great care.
Our pillows are all made of 100% BASF German memory foam, the best on the market! This material allows the pressures exerted by the baby’s head to be dispersed over the entire surface of the pillow, avoiding flattening and localised pressures, which are the main causes of flat head syndrome.
The Koala Perfect Head size M and the Koala Perfect Head MAXI have a hole and a beveled groove in the centre respectively: these very important details allow your baby’s head to remain well positioned in the centre of the pillow, preventing it from sliding out.

Of course! Many mothers prefer to prevent rather than to treat it, so they choose to buy the pillow even before birth, so that they have it on hand from the first moments of the baby’s life.

The pillow’s memory foam allows the baby’s head to develop correctly, neutralising localised pressure and allowing it to be properly dispersed over the entire surface of the pillow.

How to position the baby

If the baby has lateral plagiocephaly, we suggest placing him on the side opposite the one affected by the plagiocephaly, or to place him with his face upwards. In this case too, the child’s shoulders should not rest on the pillow: this keeps the spine and the cervical vertebrae aligned. At the same time the back of the head should be centred in the hole/concave.

In case your baby is particularly lively and cannot maintain the recommended position, don’t worry! Whichever position your baby may be in, the memory foam will always spread the pressure of the head over a very large area, thus reducing the localised pressure that causes plagiocephaly. The flattened part will not be subjected to additional pressure, allowing the head to reform correctly. During the day, you can still try turning the baby by distracting him with toys or you can try having him lie on his stomach (always monitor him carefully!).

Keep in mind that every baby is different: some mothers see results after the first few weeks of use, while others have to wait a few months.

We can safely say that for visible results it is important to position the baby at the right height, with the shoulders above the pillow and the baby’s head centred in the hole/concave. It is essential to use the pillows for as long as possible, making sure to have a Koala Perfect Head on hand whenever the baby is not in your arms.

Why there are two sizes and what are their most effective uses

We have come up with two solutions to protect your baby’s little head in all situations.

Koala Perfect Head size M is the perfect solution for your baby’s naps, to take with you and your little one wherever you go: it comes with a handy carrying bag, which guarantees hygiene.

Koala Perfect Head MAXI size L is the solution designed specifically for the cot. Its generous size (50 cm wide) ensures that your baby’s head never slips, even during prolonged periods of sleep.

At Koala Babycare we recommend using both pillows at the same time: this way your baby’s head will always be protected and the treatment will have a greater chance of success!

The recommended holders for Koala Perfect Head size M are a bouncer, a baby seat, a pushchair, a car seat, a pram… some mothers even use it in a highchair!

Koala Perfect Head MAXI size L is used in the cot and in stands such as Chicco’s Next To Me.

Koala Perfect Head size M is a pillow designed for mobile stands, which are usually more limited than the cot. In these cases the hole in the pillow helps the baby maintain the correct position without difficulty. However, this pillow is not designed for use in the cot where the baby’s head could slip.

Another problem that you may face if you decide to use Koala Perfect Head size M in the cot is related to your baby’s ears, which may bend: while the rounded earhook of Koala Perfect Head MAXI size L prevents your baby’s ears from bending, the hole of Koala Perfect Head size M may constitute a “step” for the ears when your baby is lying down. This is another reason why Koala Perfect Head MAXI size L is the right solution for the cot!

Many mothers think that Koala Perfect Head size M is for use when the baby is a newborn and Koala Perfect Head MAXI size L when the baby is a little older… this is a very common mistake.

You can actually use Koala Perfect Head size M from 0 to 12 months, and you can use Koala Perfect Head MAXI size L from 0 to 36 months.

It is very important to start using pillows from the very first months of a baby’s life to prevent the head from flattening.

Koala Perfect Head size M has its own characteristic “hole” that allows the baby’s head to maintain the correct position, especially in situations where the baby is in a semi-reclined position, such as in the cot or the bouncer.

The Koala Perfect Head MAXI size L does not have a “hole”, but a beveled shell that ensures your baby’s head never slips out of the cot. It also prevents other types of discomfort when your baby is fully reclined, such as bending ears.

Pillow materials and washing methods

Koala Perfect Head size M and Koala Perfect Head MAXI size L are both made of 100% memory foam. You will receive them together with two comfortable pillows made of 75% cotton and 25% polyester. Our pillows are also completely free of zips and other iron parts to prevent your baby from getting scratched.

The pillowcase has no zip for your baby’s safety. To remove the memory foam from the pillowcase, simply fold it up and pull it out through the opening on the back of the pillowcase.

The memory foam should never be washed in the washing machine or immersed in water, otherwise it could be damaged and fall apart. You can clean it with a wet cloth and let it air out.

You can wash the pillowcases at 30°. Please do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean, do not use stain removers with solvents.