Frequently Asked Questions

Koala Cuddle Band

Absolutely! Koala Cuddle Band can be used from the very first days of a baby’s life.

You can use the Koala Cuddle Band until your baby weighs 10 kg, i.e. during the first year of life.

The use in warmer periods is clearly subjective, but in general the headband can be used without problems, guaranteeing comfort and freshness for both the baby and the carrier. ?

Koala Cuddle Band is an elastic band with a reinforced back, recommended for your baby’s first year of life!

You can wash your Koala Cuddle Band in the washing machine at 30° with similarly coloured clothes. Koala Babycare recommends that you do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean or tumble dry.

No problem, it will be very easy, we will provide you with an illustrative video with all the instructions to wear your band correctly!