Outdoor games: 10 activities for children to do in the summer

Summer has arrived and are you looking for ideas to keep your child busy with outdoor games? Here are 10 fun activities to do with him!

Outdoor games: 10 activities for children to do in the summer

Children love summer. For the sun, the sea, the ice creams, but above all because they don’t go to school! Summer holidays are one of the most awaited moments for children… while mothers and fathers often find themselves in difficulty. Partly because the grown-ups continue to work and have to understand where to leave their children, partly because all the free time of the little ones often turns into complaints and questions like:

“Mom, what can I do?”

“I’m bored!”

“Ugh, I don’t know how to spend time!”

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We bet that you too have heard yourself say one of these sentences, at least once. That’s why we thought of suggesting 10 outdoor games and other activities to do with your children in the summer. Not only will you keep them busy, but you will have fun together rediscovering the pleasure of enjoying quality free time!

Outdoor games but not only

There are many activities that can be done outdoors, taking advantage of the sun and summer temperatures. Of course, maybe it’s better to avoid going out in the middle hours of the day in order not to risk heat stroke.

With some precautions, however, it is absolutely possible – indeed, it is good! – have fun with outdoor games that will make mom and dad go back in time.

1. Water balloons

Water battles are among the best summer games ever. Perfect both on the beach and in the garden, they will involve children but also adults in joyful fights. You just need the appropriate balloons, water guns or even simple bucketsand plastic bowls. Fill everything with water and … let the war begin!

Just a tip: if you decide to use the balloons, remember to collect the plastic from the ground together with your children. You will teach them that respecting the environment is as important as playing.

2. Home camping

Camping is an activity for children of all ages: everyone participates based on what they know or can do. There is no need to go on vacation to be able to camp: simply set up the tent in the garden. In the afternoon you can have a nice picnic all together, then in the evening we take out the sleeping bags and tell us stories illuminated by the glow of the stars. When it is time: all to bed! It will be a beautiful experience, to be shared with friends too.

3. The little gardener

What could be more beautiful than taking care of another living being? Creating a small garden is one of the best summer jobs your child can do. If your house has a garden, you can use a corner as a vegetable garden – otherwise, large pots will be enough to place on the balcony. Help him plant seeds or seedlings and teach him to water them every day. Gathering the fruits of his work will be exciting!

4. The budding artist

One of the outdoor games that can be played in the summer is as simple as it is creative: painting. Take a large white sheet (or huge sheets of paper: you can find them in the stationery store) and lots of finger colors. Leave your child free to paint using all the parts of the body he wants: you will see what fun! Obviously this activity is to be done in swimsuit, to be free and not to worry about clothes.

5. Beauties at bath time

Water is an element that accompanies all the best summer games. One of the favorite things for children is definitely the swimming pool! You can decide to take him to a water park or in the municipal swimming pool to swim like a fish… but even an inflatable paddling pool in the garden will be fine. He will be happy to splash around whenever he wants!

6. Let’s go to the sea!

How not to mention the beach? You can not always go there, but it is certainly one of the favorite places for children for their outdoor games. You can entertain him by building sand castles or strange sea creatures, or by creating a marbles track where you can compete with friends … and with dad, who will be as happy as the little one at home!

7. All together

The outdoor games par excellence are those that we also did as children and that you can offer to your child. From “Hopscotch” to “Dodge ball” to “Capture the flag” … you are really spoiled for choice! It all depends on the age and also on the amount of children who will participate.

8. Adventuring!

Throughout the World, adventure parks are now more and more popular, which you could reach with your child for a day that he will not easily forget. They are in fact amusement parks where children can experience unusual activities in the midst of nature. Climb trees, fly on ziplines, cross suspension bridges … pleasure is guaranteed!

9. What about flying?

One of the simplest and at the same time satisfying summer jobs to do is the kite. Very little is needed: newspaper or a garbage bag, wooden or plastic sticks, scotch tape and a long thread. It will be great both to make it and, above all,to fly it together by running in a meadow or on the beach.

10. The album of memories

This is not a real game, but the album of memories is a nice idea to ensure that your child can remember all the outdoor games and adventures he has experienced during the summer. All you need is a normal notebook, in which he will be able to stick photographs or even leaves and flowers, write thoughts, make drawings and collect everything he wants to keep. If he is still too young, you can help him to create it and he can have fun looking at it when he is older.

These are the games and activities that we think will happily keep your child busy during the summer – and which will also entertain you and his dad.

Do you have any more to suggest? We would like to read them in the comments … and in the meantime we wish you a wonderful summer season!

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