How to sleep during pregnancy: all the suggestions you were looking for

To understand how to sleep during pregnancy in order to rest properly, here is all the suggestions you were looking for!

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“Sleep now, while you still can!”

How many times did they tell you this, in the last few months?
And how many times did it bother you, considering that sleeping well when you’re pregnant is not as easy as it might seem?

And how many times did it bother you, considering that sleeping well when you’re pregnant is not as easyas it might seem?

But don’t worry: the solutions to close your eyes and wake up refreshed do exist, even if you are in your third quarter… discover all of them in this article on how to sleep during pregnancy!

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Sleeping during pregnancy: why it is important… why it is difficult!

When you are pregnant, fatigue increases exponentially. You might have noticed it, especially at the beginning. This happens because the body needs time to get used to the new condition and begins to use a great deal of energy and resources to better nourish the fetus.

You may have also noticed that, despite being very tired, you can not rest as much and as you would like to. Once you wake up to pee or for a cramp, then you wake up because you cannot find a comfortable position, another time because the baby has decided to do gymnastics in your belly at night. You need to know that your metabolism is always active and your body is continually supplying food and oxygen… this can also cause insomnia.

So what to do, you decide to surrender and stay awake? No, because sleeping during pregnancy is essential for the health of both, the baby and the mother.

A study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh has shown that sleeping poorly and badly during pregnancy can negatively interfere with the immune system, leading to complications including a low birth weight.

Another study, published by the journal Obstetric Medicine, noted that sleep deprivation in pregnancy is associated with several complications, such as a more painful or non-natural birth, a pre-term birth and a greater likelihood of postpartum depression.

In short: science shows that there are many reasons why it is important that you sleep well when you’re pregnant.

If you are having any difficulties, you should be aware that everything is normal.

To understand how to sleep during pregnancy in order to rest properly, here is all the suggestions you were looking for!

How to sleep during pregnancy: positions and good habits

To be able to sleep well during pregnancy, there are several tricks that you can put in place. Much depends on what disturbs your sleep and what are your daily habits.

Let’s try to understand together how to sleep during pregnancy… whatever the reason!

The best positions for sleeping during pregnancy

Quando sei incinta da poche settimane o mesi, la posizione che tieni durante il sonno non ha grossa importanza. Puoi dormire a pancia in giù, a pancia in su oppure su un fianco in base alla posizione che preferisci.

When you have been pregnant for a few weeks or months, the position you hold during sleep is not that important. You can sleep on your stomach, belly up or on your side depending on the position you prefer.

Sleeping on your stomach during pregnancy is not forbidden, but as soon as the baby starts to grow, you will find it inconvenient. You can also sleep on your back, until your belly becomes too big. Afterwards, this position can cause back pain, poor circulation or fatigue in breathing. Let’s say that sleeping belly up, in the third quarter, is allowed only by sitting.

However, the best positions for sleeping during pregnancy are on your hips. Specifically: on the left side, with slightly bent legs. In this way, the blood flow improves both for the mother and for the baby, which is fed in abundance, and the uterus does not press on the liver – which instead would happen by sleeping on the right side. To support the baby bump and keep the legs in a comfortable position, you can use a pillow for pregnancy… yes, just what you will use then for breastfeeding: it can be a great ally for sleeping!

How to sleep during pregnancy thanks to good habits

The position you choose is not the only secret to sleeping well while you’re pregnant.

Read on to find out all the tips for a restful sleep thanks to the good habits that will accompany you during this adventure.

  • Build a small relaxing ritual to end the day before bed. You can take a hot bath, drink a herbal tea, do yoga or read a few pages of a good book. Try to go to bed more or less at the same time every night and do not use a computer or mobile phone for at least an hour before going to bed.
  • Avoid eating too heavy food and do not eat sweets or chocolate after dinner. Difficult digestion and sugar contribute to insomnia.
  • Do not take too many naps during the day. Of course, if you close your eyes you can rest… but no more than half an hour at a time, otherwise in the evening you may not be tired enough to sleep.
  • A good habit that can come in handy even after giving birth is to exercise during the day. Yoga during pregnancy, swimming or walking: they keep you fit and induce sleep when it’s time to go to bed.
  • If you wake up often to pee, try not to drink too much in the last hours before going to bed. Drink mostly in the morning and in the afternoon, then decrease the amount of liquids from dinner time. Stay hydrated, but with less water.
  • If your problem is the cramps that take you at night, you can do some stretching before going to bed or take a magnesium supplement, according to what your doctor suggests.
  • If you suffer from apparently unjustified insomnia, do not stay in bed. Get up, even just for taking a few steps and stretch your legs for a few minutes. Maybe read a little, then go back to bed. You will see that sleep will come.
  • If you often have heartburn, it would be good to sleep sitting. You can help keep the right position with a pregnancy pillow: the important thing is that your back is at least 30 degrees inclined.

As you can see, even if at times it seems difficult, with the right attentions you can be able to have a restful sleep even now that you’re pregnant. We are sure that from now on, with these tips on how to sleep during pregnancy, both you and the baby in your tummy will have sweet dreams!

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