Babies in the summer: how live it to the fullest

Babies in summer: is it true that they suffer from the heat? How to protect and dress them? Can we take them to the sea? What should we never do? Here are all the answers!

Babies in the summer: how live it to the fullest

Summer is a fantastic season, in which children can have many experiences thanks to the pleasant temperatures that allow them to be outdoors. For the little ones, however, sun and heat can become very annoying if you don’t know how to deal with them.

But don’t panic: with our advice, babies and summer will love and agree… and mothers will be able to enjoy the good weather with them!

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How to tell if a baby is hot

Summer is the hottest season of the year and, for this reason, there are those who love it and those who hate it. Babies obviously have no way of expressing their opinion, but adults know that they suffer more from the heat than from the cold. For this reason, it is important to ensure that they do not suffer from it in an exaggerated way.

How to understand if a newborn is hot, then?

The first intuitive rule is: if you feel hot, it is probably the same for him too. To get rid of the doubt, mothers and fathers usually tend to touch little hands and feet: in reality, however, the ends of the body are cooler due to the slow circulation. The areas to be checked are the back and neck instead: if they are sweaty, it means that the baby is very hot. If you notice that your skin and clothes are wet, change your baby immediately so as not to risk him getting a cold in the event of sudden changes in temperature.

Other signs that may indicate that the baby is hot are redness in the face, plaintive crying and restlessness. It is important to take immediate action in these cases, to prevent heat stroke which can lead to unpleasant or even serious consequences.

Sweating is a mechanism that serves the human body to regulate internal temperature. So you don’t have to worry: in summer it’s completely normal! If it becomes excessive, you can relieve the baby with a bath – but be careful not to use too cold water!

Water for babies in summer: yes or no?

To counter the loss of liquids due to sweating, you may wonder if it is appropriate to make your child drink water. The answer is: yes and no!

In the first 6 months of life, it is advisable not to give water to newborns, in summer as in winter. In fact, exclusive breastfeeding provides them with all the fluids they need!

After 6 months of life, you can start introducing water or chamomile, but without exaggerating: giving it too much would cause a sense of satiety that would lead you to eat less. In any case, if the baby wets 5/6 diapers a day, there is no need to worry: he is not at risk of dehydration.

How to dress the baby in the summer

Another big question for new mothers is how to dress their baby in the hot season. There are two opposite tendencies: that of covering it a lot, for fear that it will catch a blow of air, and that of leaving it alone with a diaper because the temperatures are very high.

As often happens, neither end is right: the best choice is in the middle!

The best thing is to dress the baby with dresses in natural and breathable fibers, with light colors. Green light for cotton, linen and even silk: they will keep the body at the right temperature, allowing it to expel excess heat.

You can use sleeves and short pants, but remember to protect the exposed parts of the body with a special sunscreen for the little ones. No shoes or socks, which would only bother: babies love to be barefoot and in summer we can let them do it! When you go out for a walk, don’t forget to also put on a wide-brimmed soft hat to protect your head and eyes from the sun.

At night, or during the afternoon nap, do not overdo it with pajamas and blankets. If you use the conditioner (later we will talk about it in details) put on a body and light pajamas, if you don’t use it then the body will be enough. For naps in the stroller, you can bring a muslin sheet with you to cover it with to protect it from the breeze, especially in the evening.

Newborn baby at the sea: how to behave?

When you bring a baby to the sea there are some precautions to follow, but let’s immediately dispel a myth: it’s not true that you can’t take your baby to the beach!

Just pay attention to these things:

  • Go to the beach only in the less hot hours: until 10.30 in the morning and after 17 in the afternoon.
  • Do not expose the child to direct sunlight: always keep him in the shade.
  • Protect him with light clothes or with a specific sunscreen for babies SPF 50.
  • If your baby is very young or hot, avoid bathing in the sea. Better to keep a paddling pool with a little water under an umbrella, and make him cool down there.
  • Clean his delicate skin often with fresh water: the saltiness may irritate it.

Everything here: it takes little to bring a newborn baby to the sea safely… and enjoy the well-deserved holidays all together!

Children and heat: what to do and not to do

Whether you want to take your baby to the sea or stay in the city, excessive heat can become a problem. Fortunately, there are many precautions to be put in place to avoid getting ruined this beautiful season with too high temperatures.

How to protect children from the heat

In addition to everything we have already talked about, one of the most immediate tools for cooling off is certainly air conditioning. The important thing is not to abuse it!

The temperature inside the house should be at most 5/7 degrees lower than outside. At night, set the air conditioner to the minimum: 26/27 degrees will be sufficient to ensure a pleasant but not too cold environment. If you use a fan, however, make sure you never direct it to the baby or his crib.

Finally, we suggest that you close the windows and curtains during the day, so that the heat inside the house does not increase much.

What not to do!

Sometimes, thinking of defending our babies in the summer, we actually expose them to dangers. There are in fact some things not to do absolutely:

  • Do not cover the pram with a sheet to protect the child from the heat: this reduces the circulation of air by causing the temperature inside to increase a lot, which becomes very risky.
  • Do not go out in the middle hours of the day to avoid heat stroke.
  • Never leave the baby in the parked car, even for a few minutes and not even in the shade. The temperature in the passenger compartment rises quickly and so does that of the little one: this is a truly dangerous situation!

It’s true: infants in summer risk suffering from the heat … but if you follow our suggestions we are sure that both you and your child will be able to face the summer in the best way!

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